The sexual postures are endless and must be incorporated into couple relationships so as not to trigger boredom or lack of sexual interest. There are a lot of easy sexual positions that can be done to begin to vary the sexual activity of the couple. Over time, many people fall into the routine of always doing the same thing. Then sex becomes boring. Do not fall into this trap or the couple will begin to falter. Beyond personal problems, lack of time or fatigue, you always have to make sex a priority. Well, it is a cause of happiness in the human being. A healthy act that should serve to relax and surrender to minutes of absolute enjoyment.

Just as periodically it is decided to renew the curtains, change the car or the color of the house. In the same way, sexual postures should be varied to revitalize love.

Easy sexual postures to begin the change
1- The Puppy

It is one of the easy sexual postures that can be performed in different places. In bed, in some furniture and even on the floor if you wish.

The woman stands on all fours and the couple kneels behind. He can hold her hips and press her with every thrust of hers while he enjoys her figure.

Men really enjoy this way of making love. They are very visual and this allows them to observe the details in each movement. As there is no visual contact between the two, women can surrender to ecstasy without feeling analyzed in each gesture.
2- Dominant chair

Catching the man in his chair while he is doing some other task is great. The woman releases his intimate parts and mounts on his. She can hold onto the backrest for strength as she goes up and down on her male. She has the power to perform the sexual act at her own time.

During penetration they can complement with caresses and kisses in the most erotic areas. Orgasms can be multiple with this posture due to permanent contact.

Once they are confident, they can perform variations such as throwing their backs backwards or turning around and both facing the same side.

3- The cane

A good posture so that he feels powerful and she has the best orgasm in her G-spot.

The woman should lie down and raise her two legs together on one of her partner’s shoulders. Her hands will be free to caress her own breasts or latch on tightly to the sheets. He stays on his knees taking forward momentum. He will immediately reach the G-spot generating intense pleasure. She can switch her legs to the other shoulder during intercourse to stimulate the rest of the muscles.

4- Balanced Union

Another of the easy sexual positions, rarely used and very pleasant. The contact of the genitals causes sensory stimuli worth knowing.

Both should sit facing each other, cross their legs so that the genitals are together. Throw your shoulders back, supporting yourself with your arms and letting yourself go. The bodies form a kind of arch and the movements of the pelvis dominate the situation.

It is very exciting and easy to do. If someone gets tired, they can get up and end up sitting.

5- Squat

Another perfect position to perform in bed, on the sofa or in the car. Like almost all of them, it has its own variants to use each time.

The man should sit and support his wife sitting on top and turning his back to her. As she goes up and down she receives kisses on her neck and caresses on her breasts or clitoris. This same position can be used for anal sex.

Another variant is that he pulls back and she moves forward, always at the same rhythm. Then, they will decide how far to reach with their hands.

6- Teaspoon

Being in bed -one after the other- with knees semi-bent and that the man can access intimacy while gently caressing.

It is quite common and simple. They can make variations with gentle inclinations of the bodies forming geometric figures.
7- Missionary

Although it is the most popular of the positions, it is always good to remember it to help any beginner who is looking for information.

She lies on her back with her legs spread and receives her man horizontally. Touch and visual connection are key in this pose. Since the bodies are united in their entirety and the caresses are on the surface.

Advantages of varying sexual positions

Having the initiative to vary the sexual positions in the relationship with the couple is really very beneficial. It is a good method to encourage the other and not end up making sex a quick process.

In addition, trying new sexual positions offers the possibility of discovering erogenous zones that were previously hidden. Waiting to be discovered to grant new pleasures. Starting to be creative and adding sexual games avoids wear and tear in the relationship with the partner. It provokes desire again and increases sexual frequency.

Generally, the importance given to sex differs between men and women. So you have to be careful to meet your partner’s expectations. You can start with easy sexual positions to vary your sexual life. Then new alternatives and fantasies can be added.

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