It is possible that you have lived or live with a person of this type and you have not even noticed. Authentic people are like a gust of air, they refresh your life and fill all the space they are in, they bring relief and peace. They are easily distinguished from others because wherever they go they spread good vibes, joy and inspiration.

They are very nice people and anyone who is by their side and shares with them feels good and confident. Authentic people make you feel so good that they allow you to be yourself. With them you can forget about poses and preconceived ideas. They know that each one is special and unique and they make you feel as such.

“Many journeys of self-improvement and self-discovery involve efforts to live a more authentic life,” explains American psychologist Guy Winch. Regarding that, the specialist wrote an article for ‘Psychology today’ in which he recommends adopting the following seven habits to help you be a more authentic person. Winch stresses that maintaining balance is important, “keep in mind that overdoing any of these habits could do you more harm than good, so make sure you go easy on each one, don’t go to extremes”.

They speak what is on their mind without shyness

Authentic people usually take some time to delve into their own interior and find out their opinions and points of view about things, and when it comes to sharing their opinions with the rest they are not shy at all because they are very confident people. In addition, the way they share their opinions also matters, as they feel comfortable presenting their ideas and all without the expectation of convincing others that they are right. They do not consider it necessary to convince anyone.

They respond to internal, not external, expectations.

They spend a lot of time thinking and exploring their own beliefs, ideals, and expectations. They rely on the answers these questions generate to give direction and purpose to their lives. Identifying your own ideas and beliefs is not necessarily easy considering that these may conflict with the beliefs and norms of the family, or communities and culture in which you grew up.

They find and forge their own path

Being authentic is not only about what you say or think, it is also about what you do and how you develop in the world. Being guided by your inner compass means not having to follow the conventional paths that other people take to reach their goals. Genuine people seek and discover their own way to pursue their goals, although this represents a risk that not all their efforts will be successful, but that is what it is about, doing it for oneself.

They don’t feel threatened by failure, they see it as part of the journey
The reason most people follow the routes that others have followed is because they are supposedly “tried and safer” and therefore more likely to lead to success. success. Therefore, it can be said that going through less crowded routes makes the trip more risky and can lead to failure. Instead, genuine people tend to follow them because the idea of ​​going down the road doesn’t scare them. In fact, they see failure as an integral part of their journey, a source of learning and an enriching experience that helps them grow as people. For them, failure is more instructive than threatening.

They admit their faults and take responsibility for their actions.
If you want to be honest with your feelings and opinions, you must first be honest with yourself about your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. This means confronting the bad things with the good things. Likewise, genuine people have a greater tendency to recognize their flaws and shortcomings, to accept them and take responsibility for their own actions. Their ability to assume their failures, mistakes and failures is above how they see themselves.

They don’t judge others
The fact of being honest with their own faults and embracing individuality and differences makes these people less critical and more accepting of the people around them, increasing their ability to understand each other. Their assumptions about human complexity and reluctance to look at people through a biased lens or preconceived ideas give them the ability to have a more real perspective, which often leads to direct and honest interactions and relationships with others. your social environment.

They have a very strong self-esteem

Having a solid self-esteem means having a stable self-esteem, which is not rated as high or low, but rather being sure of who they are and what they are worth. Narcissists, for example, have very high self-esteem, but as well as being high, it is also fragile. As a consequence of having a solid self-esteem, genuine people can tolerate and absorb different situations that anyone else could consider negative, such as failure, criticism, admitting their faults and accepting others using them to learn something new. In fact, having strong self-esteem means that you can absorb negative and positive feedback, and acknowledge certain aspects of your character that could use work or improvement, without affecting your self-esteem.

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