The role of women has radically changed from how it was a few decades ago, today it is common to see empowered women, owners of their lives, totally independent, being the main support of many families around the world, that is, we spend from being simple housewives and home managers (which is truly important and valuable) to performing all kinds of functions and being in charge of important positions in any sphere of society.

Of course, this did not come out of nowhere, but has been the result of many years of struggle for the recognition of our rights and the inclusion of women in all possible areas.

In this sense, men have not been oblivious to these achievements of women and many today are much more attracted to a woman with a complicated character than one who is submissive and is behind the shadow of her partner and not fighting by her side, as it should be.

Next in this short article we will outline 7 of the main reasons why men love complicated women much more.

These are the 7 reasons why men love complicated women and enjoy the rejection they show.

Men like to be hunters

This, although it sounds a bit macho, is part of the nature and essence of a man, because they are truly territorial and have the instinct to hunt the best prey, then they like women to be a real challenge for them, and Knowing that it cost them to be with them, that they beat other opponents, perhaps even with a better profile and appearance than them, fills them with total satisfaction. Because they understand that this type of women will always be sought after by several men who want to establish a relationship with someone of their qualities.

They admire their independence

This is a very important trait in complicated women; they are totally independent, they don’t need a man and they can manage by themselves. That is why when a man comes into the life of a complicated woman, she is not waiting for her to solve anything in her life, rather the opposite happens, she will become a strategic ally to improve the life of her partner and do everything much more interesting and fun.

they feel proud

Men who have complicated women as partners are proud to know that their wife is a person of herself who knows what she wants and above all who knows how to obtain it.

Who is not afraid to say what she feels and what she thinks, who fights to be heard and always wants to find the best for herself. Consequently, this wonderful attitude ends up becoming a magnet that attracts many men.

They like to take risks

It is well known by those who understand the study of human behavior that for men it is very important to feel emotion and adrenaline in everything they do, and being with a complicated woman will become a real challenge for them, because ultimately this It will not be a monotonous relationship, full of black and white, this will not be the case at all, but rather the opposite will happen, he knows that this type of women knows that there are many shades of gray and endless colors with which they go to fill your days.

They know they don’t settle for just anything

A woman who considers herself complicated will fight for what she wants and will always want to keep the best. So the man who considers himself worthy of being with a woman of this type, he will always seek to be the best of men, because he knows that otherwise he can lose her. That is why these men are in a constant process of evolution and positive growth, because they must always live up to their partner.

They are more passionate

This type of women gives passion to everything they do in their lives, they know that the good is the enemy of the excellent and that is why they are always in search of excellence in all areas of their lives; his relationship as a couple, his profession and especially in his family. This type of woman has great ideals, they inspire the people around them to be like them, they know how to listen and they have learned from their mistakes to grow as people, that is why they are excellent human beings and their experiences throughout their lives have been filled with much wisdom, which they use in all possible spaces.

They have goals in life

They always know what they want and the best thing is that they constantly fight to achieve it, they know more than anyone that there is no success without sacrifice, that the best things in life are achieved with determination and effort, that despite the fact that being a woman things They can be granted through a man, they are not willing to be anyone’s shadow, but someone’s ideal partner, because for them it is very important to fight daily to materialize their dreams, no matter how big they are.

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