Financial stability, greater sexual pleasure and a man who knows what he wants are some of the reasons. It is common to see women on the street relating to an older man, beautiful girls, in their 20s or 30s with good looks, in love with someone who is sure over 40 years, but why? It is a good idea? Why relate to a partner who is older than you?

No, it is not because you necessarily have complexes related to your father figure, it is simply possible that women are attracted to someone older and even feel love for that person. We think that a 20- or 30-year-old man is in his prime and can give everything to his woman, but sometimes a 40-year-old man can offer a better quality of life in every aspect.

Actors like Leonardo Di Caprio, Gerard Butler or Patrick Dempsey are perfect examples of men in their 40s who can drive any woman crazy, but why? Here some of the reasons

greater chivalry

Surely you know that young men or those who have just entered adulthood are usually impetuous and often forget the little details that we like, (opening the car door, giving way or paying the bill at the restaurant) This It does not happen with most older men, in whom chivalry is something innate. If you go out with an older man you will know what we mean; they will open the car doors for you, let you go first and even pay the restaurant bill!

They are more mature

A study in the United Kingdom indicates that men fully mature at 43 years, this means 11 after them. An emotionally mature man is more understanding, argues less, provides support and takes care of his partner much more easily, which women love.

They are more stable

Having a relationship with an older man means greater stability both emotionally and financially. This makes them able to manage their money much more accurately. Older men are generally more mature, have more tolerance than younger men, and definitely a lot more patience.

They deliver what they promise

One of the most frequent problems of dating a young man is that he only promises and promises and promises, on the other hand, an older man is telling you what he is going to do because he wants to do it, not because he thinks he needs to look good with you. .

They have their own life

Many at that age already have a career, friends, a house, their own money and, in every sense of the word, are independent, which makes them more attractive to women, especially those who are looking for a stable relationship.

They’ve lived long enough not to make mistakes

Older men have the probable advantage of not making the same mistakes as younger men. This may be for two reasons: either they are much more cautious than young people or they have previous experience with such mistakes and already know how to proceed so as not to make them again.

We are attracted to mature traits

Many of us are more attracted to a handsome mature man than to a young man with a cute face. The reason is explained in various scientific studies in which women of different ages have been subjected to different tests and it was concluded that they were much more attracted by the small wrinkles or the typical features of older men rather than by those of the same age. The dominant aspect of older men seems extremely attractive to us

Some are in their prime

They are no longer 20 years old, so they must begin to take better care of themselves than ever and they know it is why they need to improve their health, exercise more, eat more and better, always look good and even have a fan club.

set goals

A man of 40 years or more has had the opportunity to draw up a plan in his life and they know that the best way to achieve it is through making plans, projects and meeting goals. Maybe he doesn’t sound very attractive to you, but it’s experience because of his age.

they are good lovers

An older man is not in a hurry, what he wants is to please his wife and himself. Plus, he’s experienced, which makes sure he knows there’s a lot more to doing in the bedroom than just monotonous sex, says Jack Anderson.

They respect the way you are

At 40 years old, neither men, much less women, seek to shape their partner as they please, because they know (from experience) that people do not change for anyone but because they want to. On the contrary, they respect the personality of their partner, which is often the greatest attraction they find in women. The truth is that age is not really important, for love there are no rules, nobody has the absolute truth, what matters is the attitude, attraction, love and compatibility that they generate as a couple. Are you in a relationship with an older man? What do you think of women who go out with these types of men?

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