Mastering the art of sensuality has to start from within. Being sexy is more about attitude than physicality. And to achieve this you must truly believe that you are an attractive woman. Being beautiful is not synonymous with sensuality. Sensuality is a matter of qualities and knowing how to exploit your attributes, and feeling comfortable doing it.

There are no magic formulas to attract people. The key is in the personality of each person, but above all in the security in oneself. This will reflect back to others at all times.

Being sexy is an attitude that can be manifested in many ways without resorting to magazine stereotypes. Wearing outfits you feel comfortable in, sensual makeup, correct posture, elegant walking, and an irresistible scent are the main steps to being a sexy girl. It is said that practice makes perfect, so here are some tips to be sexy.

1- Strengthen your smile.

A well cultivated smile is highly sexy, it is a very powerful weapon and whoever has the most beautiful and frank smile will win everyone’s sympathy immediately.

In addition to being very attractive, wearing a bright and hygienic smile turns out to be very captivating. According to studies from the University of Scotland, they maintain that women look much more attractive when they smile, compared to those who do not.

To complement a beautiful and sexy smile you must make sure your teeth are clean, your breath has a delicious aroma and your lips are well hydrated. This set draws a lot of attention and will make you feel safe when smiling, talking or approaching another person.

2- It is neat.

This includes that you should get ready frequently, like going to the beauty salon, getting your hands and feet done, you will see that with this simple touch you will feel more feminine and sexy.

Dare to change the tones of those you use regularly, leave aside the shy pink color and risk using a red, fuchsia or violet tone, at least on weekends or in some special event.

Do not hide your hands, it is like subtracting sensuality and delicacy and others will notice. Apart from the hands and feet, another very striking and sexy aspect is the skin, that is why you must keep it moisturized and hydrated. And choose a cream with a rich fragrance that makes you feel very sensual.

3- Don’t dress up.

Dressing in fashion is not always sexy, on many occasions fashion clothes are not favorable due to the style and shape of each one’s body.

It is also not advisable to use clothes with ostentatious signs or graphics, or well-known brands that stand out too much. In this way you will be overshadowing your natural beauty and you will see very little sensual.

When trying to dress in fashion sometimes it will seem that you are dressing up, first of all dress as you like and feel comfortable, not as the magazines say.

If you are going to use accessories, do not abuse them, use one or two with that, it will be enough for you to attract attention but for good.

4- A good perfume.

People are totally sensitive to smells, and this is an essential component for seduction. Few women know how to perfume themselves correctly. There is also a small detail that good perfumes are a bit expensive.

But that can not be an obstacle to harmonize your aroma, you can replace it with a body deodorant, shampoo, shower gel or good toilet soap.

You should not mix the aromas of perfume and deodorants, do not create conflict between them. To use a perfume, perform the cloud technique: press the sprayer into the air and enter it, it is more than enough. Another technique is to apply the perfume to the scarf, or to long hair, but always with a single pressure. Is very cheap.

5- Create your own style.

Having your own style, that identifies you and makes you feel comfortable, is one of the most important things to look and feel sexy.

It is no use pretending to be other styles if they are not identified with yourself, it is as if you were not you. The important thing is to feel comfortable, make progressive changes little by little until you get the style that you think is the right one and defines you as a sexy woman.

No one said it was easy, if it were everyone would be sexy.

6- Dress in red.

According to most people, this color is considered the color of attraction. According to research from the University of Zurich, women who wear red feel more attractive physically and sexually.

Men rate women who wear this color as more attractive. That is why this color is recommended to increase our self-confidence.

7- Wear clothes of your size.

To be and look sexy it is not necessary to wear clothes that are too tight. If what you want is to enhance your curves, there are other alternatives such as buying clothes with cuts that go according to your silhouette, wearing moderate necklines. Do not use too provocative clothes, if you want to seduce, people especially men are more sensitive to discovery.

As we said before, it is not necessary to dress up to look sexy, the important thing is to feel that way.

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