According to psychologists from the Strategic Motivational Institute (Imotiva) in Spain, arguing with someone who rarely admits their mistakes and despises any other argument can become exasperating. It is uncomfortable to frequently live with an arrogant person because they have attitudes that are not very conciliatory in personal relationships. The arrogant is the one who has an image of greatness of himself and observes others from this apparent plane of superiority that is totally artificial. There are toxic attitudes of arrogant people that are not very fruitful in personal relationships.
They think they are the center of the world

Arrogant people are those who believe they are the center of the world and treat others as if they were obliged to satisfy their demands. Something that ends up exhausting those around you, especially because arrogant people are also wrong in the way they ask for things. They do not do it from humility but from the imperative of imposing a duty on the other that does not correspond

Arrogant people often believe they are “almighty”, they want to feed their ego at the expense of others and often have problems in the social environment. The issue is, how can we deal with arrogant people? Don’t let me put you down…

The first thing we must take into account, points out clinical psychologist Guillermo Blanco, vice president of Imotiva, is that proud people become “megalomaniacs because they believe they have achieved their ideal. They are not aware of their own limitations. They perceive a distorted reality.” Airs of sufficiency, exaltation of the self and contempt for others are some of the symptoms of pride. “Those who fall into their networks often make communication difficult with their egocentric attitude,” says psychologist Miriam Gonzalez.

So, taking into account these opinions and from the hand of the specialists, in Salud180. com we give you some tips:

1. First of all, you have to be aware of your own strengths and see the arrogance of the other as a weakness. “Knowing that it is part of his flaws, I protect my self-esteem,” advises Blanco. 2. Get on with your life. Focus on yourself and don’t try to please that person. Do not feel any kind of pressure due to the excess of expectations of him.

3. If you’re unlucky enough to work with a haughty individual, the advice the experts give is don’t cut off the deal with that person entirely. You have to work eight hours with her, therefore, do your part so that coexistence is positive. Always greet her, be interested in her through close questions. 4. Do not let your self-esteem come crashing down due to the negative effect that having a person with these characteristics near you can produce. Your well-being depends on yourself and not on external agents. In fact, facing a situation like this also allows you to be much stronger.

5. Do not enter the game of rivalry, or compare yourself with it. You do not have to compete with anyone to be yourself, to be happy, to perform your professional role in a free and satisfactory way. 6. Proud people invite self-pity for being so. Although it does not seem so at first glance, they themselves are unhappy and suffer much more than it seems.

7. Mark your limits, let him know that you are not willing to put up with anything. Setting limits is even more positive if you have to obey the commands of an egocentric boss every day. Experts believe that, if necessary, it is necessary to assess whether it pays you to stay close to a arrogant person. “Sometimes it is preferable to walk away”, add the psychologists.

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