It is no secret that women tend to be more sensitive and accommodating than men, and for this reason the latter are often known for not showing much affection. And it is that what a man says and does can be very disconcerting for us, since his way of loving is very different from ours.

But, men are a common set of behaviors when they feel love for a woman, for that reason I will explain step by step what they are. Pay close attention!

1- He listens to you:

When a man not only listens to you, but also pays attention and responds intelligently, you can trust that he is in love. Well, this is something that they don’t always do (a skill called active listening), so take advantage of this quality because your boy is very much in love.

2- Makes some sacrifices:

Men like to be complacent, and if they are in love they are even more so. Making personal sacrifices is much easier when they are made for the person you love. He does whatever it takes to see you happy and sacrifices moments with his family and friends to be with you and make you smile. They will almost always put you first, even if it means changing their plans or stepping out of their comfort zone.

3- It is vulnerable:

Most men do their best to hide any behavior that is considered weakness, for this reason when a boy leaves these parameters aside, it means that he has a lot of confidence in you. If a man feels in love, he will feel much more comfortable with feeling and acting vulnerable. Take this quality into account since there are few boys who show themselves in this way.

4- He loves you regardless of your appearance:

Perhaps at first you constantly dress up to impress him, but after having a stable relationship we begin to relax and let ourselves be seen as we are. And that’s where you start to notice if he loves you as you are or not. When men love someone, they will think that her woman looks beautiful no matter the situation, this is a clear sign that she is madly in love with her.

5- He is proud of you:

When a man truly falls in love, he is not shy about saying how proud he is of his partner. Whether he tells you that you are a fantastic mother, an excellent worker or simply a spectacular cook, he will let you know how proud he is of you, meaning you can be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed.

6- Fight for you:

By this we mean that, if at any time the relationship is threatened to end, your man will do everything possible not to lose you. Even if that means fighting with the woman he loves, because when a man is really in love he fights to keep the relationship.

7- He cares about you:

It seems common, but not all men do it, at least those who are not in love. If a boy is aware of how you are doing, he writes to you during the day or when he wakes up, it is a sign that he is concerned about you and your well-being because he cares a lot about you. And the magical “good morning” has become a very important tool for a relationship, since with this he is telling you that you are the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up.

8- Treat your family and friends with respect:

If a person is important to you, the guy who loves you will respect that person no matter what disagreement you have with that person. Whether he gets along a little badly with someone, in the same way he will try to make everything flow well, because the last thing he wants is to hurt your feelings.

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