Communication is the pillar of all couple relationships, so much so that things flow for the better and when a problem arises.

It is important that in all relationships there are always words and demonstrations of affection. In fact, these are the details that keep love alive.

Couples need to hear positive phrases of encouragement, love, concern and opinions to make life as a couple more bearable since it is made up of two different people.

In this article we will give you some phrases that should not be missing in a relationship, to keep love alive.

1- I miss you.

When the person we love pronounces these words, we feel that we give them something that only we can give them. This is one of the phrases that you should always tell your partner that hides a great value.

Expressing how much you miss his company, his caresses, his smile, his kisses or simply his presence is essential to keep love alive.

2- Good morning and good night.

Good morning love! Do you remember when your relationship began, the butterflies in your stomach that caused those greetings every morning? Or the magical Good Night! These are phrases that you should not stop saying every day with your partner.

They are two very simple phrases, but they say much more than you think.

3- I love you.

It may sound atypical, but it is one of the confessions that can make people feel more butterflies.

It can be a very easy phrase that is sometimes said without hardly feeling all the emotional charge it contains, but pronouncing these eight letters in the most sincere way possible is synonymous with the fact that someone special is accompanying you at that very moment.

4- I love you.

Showing your partner that you love him is very important in any relationship; However, words also play a fundamental role, so do not forget that an “I love you” should be part of every day of your relationship.

Nothing and no one can strip them of their great meaning and symbolism. These two words mark the beginning of true love. It is the phrase that all lovers love, that is why it is of the utmost importance to say it when you truly feel it.

5- I’m sorry.

When people argue or make mistakes, they become a little more stubborn and tend to forget that humility and trust are the basis of a good relationship.

Do not let problems become an eternal conflict and do your best to resolve it as early as possible from humility. Saying “I’m sorry” and not always wanting to be right is one of the most important phrases you should always say to your partner.

Remember that admitting a mistake is not something easy for anyone, but it is a great act of humility.

6- How was your day?

Regardless of the circumstances, ask her how her day was. Show interest in his work, his hobbies and his daily routine. It is important to know that the other person cares about what we do and what we do.

It is the way to guarantee having a space to share our daily experiences and concerns.

7- What do you think?

A couple relationship should not be a dictatorship, but a democracy. And big or small decisions should be decided by both.

Asking for the opinion of the couple gives it a level of importance for those who share with you your ideals as a professional as well as a personal one.

It is essential that we are autonomous and independent but when we have a partner and make a decision, both partners have something to say.

Sharing opinions keeps the boat of trust and mutual security afloat.

8- Give thanks.

Never forget to tell your partner one of the magic words, thank you! Being grateful to the person you love will undoubtedly help make your relationship much more stable.

Tell your partner that you are grateful for each of the wonderful things that he adds to your life. Although it is a very short word, its meaning is enormous, just by saying it you will be showing your partner how grateful you are for anything he does for you.

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