The opposite pole to narcissism, that exacerbated admiration of oneself and that rather causes rejection, is that lack of confidence in ourselves that makes us see in the mirror the reflection of all our defects and even those that we really do not have. Sometimes it happens that we do not trust our virtues while we can be more attractive than we really think. We look at each other, we criticize everything and we get too demanding for no reason. Do you want to know what are the 8 clues that you attract more than you think?

Take note: for these 8 reasons you attract more than you think

No. Others do not give you compliments in vain

It is likely that you choose the best clothes, you take care in hairdressing and makeup, prepare the best look, but it seems that nobody notices your care, because you do not receive so many compliments. If you look around you, if you will notice the looks that go towards you. It happens that if you’re attractive, people don’t need to tell you, because you’re supposed to already know. If they don’t tell you directly it’s not because you’re not, if you trust yourself and your intuition it’s enough.

If they praise you, but it sounds forced

It may sound to you without any emotion and therefore you believe that they are compliments from the mouth out, but that they really do not believe in what they are telling you. That person probably knows you’re attractive and assumes that you believe and trust you. So, he does not consider it necessary to exaggerate the way of expressing it, because you always look good and I only thought it necessary to tell you something about it.

The look is a good sign

It’s easier than you think, if they look at you for a while, short but enough to realize that you caught their attention. If we add a slight smile to that look, everything is said. More detail of the level of interest that a person can feel towards you, is when he looks at you, even if you have noticed, and his gaze continues on you for a long time, it is an obvious sign that he is seriously interested. Don’t think that if he turns he does it because it’s not that important, on the contrary, he’s just trying to hide a bit and avoid being direct.

An important fact: if someone looks at you, they will raise their eyebrows

They are normal and instinctive reactions. The gestures, the facial expressions, are almost unconscious. We do it without realizing it, but we do it. We tend to raise our eyebrows when we see someone we find attractive. In non-verbal communication, this attitude is known as our way of trying to open our eyes better to see what has caught our attention, even if we don’t even know we are doing it.

lips beyond words

Among the facial gestures that are made unconsciously, the movements of the lips, believe it or not, say much more than you think. One of the most expressive movements is perhaps the one that is constantly repeated without intending to put the mouth in the shape of a duck’s beak. Thinking that we do that may even seem silly, but it is what we do when we talk closely with someone who attracts us a lot. Surely you will wonder why and it is that the experts in these connotative movements affirm that it is an unconscious desire to kiss. It lasts what a sigh, we do it distracted while we talk. He does not intend to distance himself from you while you are talking. On the contrary, the deeper the conversation goes, if he feels attracted to you, he will try to get closer and closer. If they are in an open space,
Your complexes cause amazement

If you comment that you are self-conscious about this or that thing, something that has to do with your physical appearance or your personality, people are surprised and appear not to understand your reasons. It is logical that if what you have is only a false idea of ​​yourself caused by your insecurity, people react that way, then that must be for you the irrefutable proof that you are making a mistake when you see defects that the mirror in truth does not reflect.

8 They can be either very nice or unpleasant with you
In both cases it is that you are a special person. Attractive, pleasant, friendly, with qualities that go beyond physical beauty and that make your personality as a whole where your beauty is an added value that complements you. People who admire you, respect you, will smile at you and be very nice to you, just as there are people who will adopt a completely opposite attitude: they will be unpleasant for no reason, refuse to greet you, etc. They are all signs that that person has a problem with their own self-esteem and does not allow them to respect others, it bothers them as you are because they have developed envy as a result of that personal insecurity, but you must understand that you are not to blame, because it is their fault. complex and has nothing to do with you.

Now you know, these are the 8 signs that can give you enough clues to trust yourself and leave your backpack of complexes behind the door and move forward sure of who you are and what you can achieve. You see, you are more attractive than you imagined you would be.

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