Sex is very important in the life of a couple. Sometimes, due to inexperience or monotony, it is not possible to enjoy sexual encounters or a certain apathy and boredom occurs because it is always the same. Maintaining passion and sexual attraction is not so complicated if the imagination is left free and new things are tried, but as long as the two people agree on it.

We explain 8 sexual positions that are easy to do and pleasurable so that you regain interest in sex or make each encounter with your partner much more exciting.

The chair

In general, sex tends to be practiced in bed. And if it is true that it is very comfortable and satisfying, but from time to time it is also good to change and enjoy sexual practice in other areas of the house and beyond the bedroom.

Having sex in a chair This is a very easy and pleasant posture with which you will have a great time. Not surprisingly, the posture takes its name from this part of the furniture that is so common in any house. The position is simple. He has to remain seated normally and you get on top of him and surround him with your legs. In addition to having direct eye contact, you notice more pleasure from the constant contact of the genitals, the ease of caressing any part of the body (including the clitoris) and the possibility of kissing continuously.

Another version of chair pose is to sit on him, but with your back touching his chest. Either way, you’ll be in control and set the pace.

the cushion breaker

On the sofa it is also easy to have sex. One of the simplest positions is the cushion breaker, which consists of her lying face down on the sofa, but with half her body off it.

That is to say, that the hip area is supported on the arm of the sofa and the legs are outside of it so that you can rest your feet on the floor. In this position, penetration is very pleasant and easy for him. To be more comfortable, normally, it is advisable to put a cushion to support the head.


Sometimes turning sex into something different is not that complicated. It is enough to introduce some changes in some postures that are well known, as is the case with the Amazon.

Surely you have tried to climb on top of him when he is lying down with his legs bent as if you were an Amazon. You can continue practicing this same position with a slight variation: climbing on top of him, but turning your back on him.

In addition, you should bring your hands back so that you have a point of support. Being the legs of both together, you notice more pleasure. He can also sit up a bit to touch your clitoris.

the surfboard

If you like surfing, you have another very easy and pleasurable position to practice lying down: get on top of it with your legs together because they are needed to perform the movement. He will also be lying down with his legs together.

This posture allows a slow but very pleasant penetration because the contact is total. For faster movement, you can put your arms on his sides to support yourself and move better.

The spoon

It is very easy to have sex with the posture called the spoon. It’s like doing it lying down, but on your side. In this case, he has more movement capacity and can also caress any part of the body. In addition, the clitoris is easily accessible.

It is one of the most exciting and pleasurable positions, especially because you can combine vaginal and clitoral orgasm. Legs up Another alternative to lying sex positions is called legs up, which consists of lying down and raising your legs until your ankles rest on your partner’s shoulders.

He will have to take all the rhythm and you will only have to worry about enjoying. The penetration is also deeper, something that they like a lot.

The balance

For the more skilled, there are even more easy to do and pleasurable postures. One of them is what is commonly known as a rocker. In this case, it consists of facing each other with your legs crossed, but with your genitals always in contact.

From that position, the arms are supported behind the head and the pelvis is tilted forward so that you make a curve by bringing the body slightly backwards.


Initially, it is one of the most classic positions, since she remains lying down and he is on top of her for penetration. However, in the nirvana position there are some peculiarities. The woman’s legs are stretched out and close together and her arms are placed over her head or her head is grabbed while the man makes the movement.

There are 8 easy to do and pleasurable sexual positions that we recommend so that you can enjoy your sexual life. But remember that your partner has to agree to put them into practice so that both of you enjoy the sexual encounter.

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