Infidelity is something very common in both men and women and is a theme that has starred in numerous movies, songs and novels. It is common for them to leave more of a mark than women, because the latter apply less obvious and almost imperceptible strategies that make their stories of infidelity happen, on some occasions, without their partner being aware of it.

An unfaithful woman changes her physical appearance

It is very common for unfaithful women to change the way they dress and start to dress up more, to put on makeup or use more perfume. When a woman has an affair, the first thing that will change is her appearance, because she seeks to please her lover, it is a way of rejuvenating herself and appearing attractive to the new conquest.

They can also lose weight, start physical activity, or go on a diet. Other typical changes can be to dye your hair, or paint your nails if you didn’t do it before. They spend more time in the bathroom and often go shopping to update their wardrobe. In fact, one of the first images that come to mind when thinking of an unfaithful woman is a girl who is more well-groomed than normal.

Analyze the conversations

To detect an unfaithful woman you just have to listen to her. The classic profile of unfaithful women shows that they tend to be very communicative, so it is enough to analyze their talks to discover if they name a person a lot or if, on the contrary, they take care to avoid conversations that refer to a particular subject, especially if it is a man that both members of the couple know.

It is also typical to notice a special sense of humor out of the ordinary, or notice her happier than usual when she is with you. However, if she’s seeing someone else, she’ll probably be careful not to talk to that person when you’re around.

Crisis in the couple

Another sign to discover an unfaithful woman is the life crises that she poses. It is common for these women to ask their partner for time or express that they are in crisis, unmotivated, confused, and that they feel anguish or certain doubts about the relationship. All of those symptoms could be strong triggers for her to start considering looking at other men.

It is common for the unfaithful woman to look for an excuse to make her partner see that there is a problem in the relationship so that the other person leaves her a space of time, controls her less and thus feels freer and partly less guilty.

lack of sex

Unfaithful women often refuse to have sex or find perfect excuses to avoid it. Changes in intimacy, such as sex without motivation, or little encouragement to carry out the sexual act, are typical symptoms of an unfaithful woman, of course as long as other points listed are also met.

Pay attention to this topic, since an unfaithful woman is usually characterized by losing interest in her partner, by practicing less passionate and much more monotonous sex.

Free time and change of habits

When a woman used to a routine suddenly changes her habits, we could be talking about infidelity. If a woman changes her schedule radically and starts taking courses and attending seminars or workshops, the alarm goes off, especially if her routines in relation to free time change suddenly, such as if she mentions that meals work hours extend late or if meetings arise that end outside of office hours.

You can also notice it if he changes his relationship with technology and spends hours chatting or in front of the computer when he didn’t before, although he probably won’t when he’s at home. Suddenly you feel a great interest in spending more time in front of the computer, or spend more time in the room with your mobile.

Obsessive control of your belongings

Unfaithful women are very careful when it comes to leaving loose ends, so one of the things that will concern them the most will be protecting the privacy of their cell phone or their computer or tablet, usually through passwords or deleting the history of pages visited on the Internet.

Suddenly she begins to put passwords or changes the ones she had before, she is more jealous of her information and avoids leaving the mobile phone in sight. You can see that she takes it to the bathroom and even turns it off when she is not near it. Unfaithful women are meticulous and intelligent, and it is usually difficult to find clues in their most personal objects.

An unfaithful woman spends many moments away from home

If you see that she spends more time than usual away from home, in new scenarios that usually do not include you, and that she is not always reachable on her cell phone when you call her, it can be another indicator that a possible infidelity is developing.

This is especially alarming when it comes to a person who is usually at home, or rarely goes out. You will notice how she suddenly goes out on the street alone with any excuse: meeting a friend she hasn’t seen for a long time, going shopping, taking the car to the garage, or going out with co-workers. If these “dates” do not include you, or find an excuse to prevent you from accompanying her, it could be an indication that you are dealing with an unfaithful woman.

Shows indifference towards the partner

She will be more absent when she is with you, which will also mean fewer smiles from her. She may still share moments with you, but she will no longer have the same desire to propose new plans, to engage in deep conversations, and if she goes out with you, you may feel as if she is not really there at times.

In general, any situation that involves spending time together can seem more like a commitment than a pure pleasure, he would prefer to be working or doing anything else before going out for a drink, and you will notice how he is usually much more absent through his gaze, his speech and gestures.

It is important to know how to differentiate when any of these signs occurs in isolation and not due to infidelity, you should not take the above characteristics as a test to which you must submit your partner. Now, if you notice that these eight points are fulfilled in that woman, it is very likely that you are facing a situation of infidelity. You could start taking action on the matter, but do not take anything for granted until you are 100% sure.


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