Your friend behaves differently and you don’t know why. A man in love can keep his love secret, but there are signs that will give him away and you can find out if you know that man well, for example, if he is your best friend.

Do you want to know if your best friend has fallen in love with you?

1.- Most men who fall in love with their best friend keep the secret

It’s hard for a man to fall in love with his best friend. He is in constant inner conflict over the dilemma of being best friends with him or going for it. The question arises, what if it goes wrong and you lose everything?

Many men block themselves in a situation like this for fear of spoiling everything. Sometimes they fall in love as soon as they meet and think that she really is a beautiful woman, but she is too much for him. So they settle for being best friends with him, just to be close.

The small gifts and the company are always there, but he never expresses what he truly feels. So the affection you have for him position him to be “best friend”, while he falls in love more and more and in secret.

2.- If you always have a big smile, you feel something more than friendship

Friends smile at each other and that’s normal, but if his wide, bright smile is directed especially at you repeatedly, he could be in love with you.

The body language of a man in love silently reveals what he feels, even if he doesn’t want to say it.

Whenever we are close to the person we love, we smile. It is a subconscious act and very difficult to control.

3.- Makes frequent eye contact

If you realize that he spends all his time looking at you, his feelings may be of love and not of friendship. A man who feels friendship will look at everyone equally, instead the lover admires his beloved at all times. That’s why if he pays more attention to a girl, things are different. The high level of eye contact reveals that there is a strong attraction.

4.- He looks restless fixing his clothes or hair

His inability to express his love leads him to be restless and nervous, playing with his hair or continually fixing his clothes. This attitude reveals her desire to attract attention, to be noticed.

If he treated you of an unimportant person, for him his appearance would take a back seat. But since this is the person he’s in love with, he wants to be as presentable as possible.

5.- He settles for small frictions, if he cannot touch it as he wishes

Other very obvious signs is that need to touch the person you love. If your best friend touches you frequently it is because he feels that need. Perhaps you do not give it much importance since it is a friend and there is supposed to be trust.

Little brushes and being very close can mean a secret love. For a man, keeping love secret can mean the security of always staying close and maintaining that position.

6.- If he is your best friend, he always invades your personal space

Friends are always characterized by proximity, but not always with one of them. It may seem normal to you because of the trust between the two, but if it is very frequent it can mean something more than friendship.

When a person feels very attracted to another, they always want to be by their side. Therefore, frequent proximity can be considered as a sign of attraction.

7.- If your best friend crosses her legs and directs her to you, it means love attraction

A man secretly in love will find a way to be noticed without spoiling the friendship he has built. But there are also cases where the friend is secretly in love. Women obviously have more resources than men to be noticed and express their desire for intimacy. An example of this is that your friend may sit cross-legged in front of you in an insinuating manner. Sometimes she can even touch you with her feet, as if to say, “I’m here.”

The great trust that exists with your best friend can awaken in a woman the desire to have a moment of intimacy.

8.- If he always tries to be part of your conversation

When you are chatting with other friends and one in particular always tries to stand out by standing next to you, it is another sign, a man in love is secretly trying to make himself known and mark his territory. It’s all about a need to connect with the love of his life. This lover will always look for a way to be as close as possible. Seeking to achieve a better connection, he will tell you private or personal things.

Most likely, he keeps his love quiet for fear of being rejected and losing you forever. But if you also feel an attraction towards him, you could help him if you observe some of these signs, so things will be clearer and he will be able to take that step he is so afraid of.


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