1. Their compliments sound false to you
When someone is envious of you, even if it sounds contradictory, they are often the first to praise you, using nice words that sound false to you, or loaded with passive aggressiveness. Often, you will notice that these people will roll their eyes the instant you leave the room. They choose to pretend they are not envious rather than broach the issue.

One way to neutralize them is by giving them sincere compliments from you when something good happens to them. It can make them see that you are a genuine person and help control their envy.

Clinical psychologist Leon F. Seltzer says, “Unless they become indiscriminately suspicious of the praise or flattery of others, it is wise to consider whether they may have a hidden agenda for praising you. That way, you can minimize the chance that their seemingly trustworthy accolades aren’t really some kind of two-sided scam.”

2. They minimize your successes.
Regardless of what I know you achieve or how hard you have worked to achieve it, the one who envies you will always try to make your success seem like a fluke, or that you were lucky to achieve your successes. The reasons they give may be rude or condescending. “The people who will envy you the most are the ones who need what you have the most”, says M.Farouk Radwan, he remains humble but firm in your achievements. Do not presume, because it is more likely to attract envious.

3. They brag about their own successes

Someone who is envious of you may be more inclined to show off their own success, even inventing and exaggerating them, for them it is a kind of competition. The question is why do they brag about their supposed success in the first place? Because most likely they are not as successful as they say, nor as you.

Author Bob Bly says, “There are always people who are full of negative thoughts, not only about others they envy (you) but also about themselves and their perception of not having achieved their goals.” Although they are irritating people, do not give them the pleasure of getting angry with them, this will make them feel more justified in their behavior. Instead, give them sincere praise for their accomplishments. Leading by example is the best way to change someone’s behavior.

4. They try to imitate you
Someone who envies you, deep down wants to be better than you, and also be like you. So they seek to imitate even the way you speak or your style of dress to feel better about yourself. Instead of letting this bother you, take it as a strange tribute, also try to encourage them to find their own way. When they are doing their thing, give them positive reinforcement.

5. Excessive competition

Envious people tend to be very competitive, and deep down extremely insecure, they want to be the ones who reap success however it is and only for themselves, they are annoyed that another also achieves it or, in the words of clinical psychologist Melanie Greenberg, “they are insecure or arrogant and want to prove their superiority. While it may be tempting to cut them down, refusing to outright refuse to fall for their games will make it less likely that they will try to play tricks on you.

6. celebrate your mistakes
Someone who is feeling envy of you, will enjoy in private when you make mistakes, or things go wrong. While they may never show it to you, they often secretly enjoy your misfortunes. Learn to handle your mistakes gracefully! It is worth reminding them that making mistakes is an inexorable part of life and the learning they entail is important. If they can’t see you upset, they don’t enjoy your mistakes in the same way, because deep down what makes them happy is seeing you look bad.

7. They speak ill of you behind your back

The envious will always find a way to talk about you behind your back. At one point this behavior tires because the things they usually say can be malicious and very hurtful. The best thing you can do is confront them directly, politely, and briefly.

Since envious people tend to avoid direct confrontation, talking to them seriously about what they are doing may be enough for them to reconsider their behavior or for them to know that they better not mess with you, the envious person is not characterized by being brave.

8. They do not like you
If there is someone you know who you feel hates you for no reason, they may be envious. This type of haters is difficult to deal with, because nobody likes to be hated for no reason. You may have an urge to try to make this person like you. But maybe doing nothing about it is the best option. You are not a gold coin for everyone to love you. No one needs that negativity, and let them waste their time hating you for you for no reason. The best way to fix it is to simply let it go.

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