In our adult life, work is a pillar, it is where we spend several hours a day, we face new challenges and we have the opportunity to meet new people. The fact that we have to interact with other people every day, face new challenges with them and work for a common goal, leads us to develop ever deeper bonds, we can even form great friendships or something more. If you think that you may possibly be having a relationship beyond a friendship with a partner, but you are not totally sure, then we invite you to read the following signs:

1. They find excuses to talk

If the two of you are looking for reasons to approach each other’s workplace to talk about any topic, then it is a sign that you are interested in more than just a co-worker.

Another sign is having too much ease to talk about any topic, that any comment quickly becomes a topic of conversation or if you feel that you could talk with him for many hours without either of you getting bored.

2. They stay a little later

Generally we all count the hours to get out of our work, but if this is not your case, because you prefer to spend more time with your partner, then it is a clear sign that you feel something more for him.

If it is that they also fit the schedules as much as possible to be able to spend more time together, even though this means sacrificing a little free time, then the feeling can be mutual.

3. They make a lot of eye contact

If you settle down to spend more hours looking at it, then it means that you are a little more interested in it than it seems. Perhaps observing it in some way becomes an important aspect of your day. You want to know more and more about him, so there is no better way than to have a good angle to know everything that happens to him on a daily basis.

It is common for all of us when we talk to someone, we stare at each other, especially if we are talking about serious work matters. But the whole picture changes when this becomes frequent, regardless of whether there is no reason to exchange words.

4. They get nervous around

It is not indifferent to you whether or not he is present at the meeting. If he is going to be there, you try to dress up a little more than usual and go well prepared, so you don’t feel embarrassed. In addition, you are attentive to what your colleague may say or do, so you feel more pressure than usual to do your job better.

Another sign may be that if he is having a hard time at work, then you worry and try to make his day better in some way. The same thing happens when situations happen to you that cause you a downturn, where he has to cheer you up.

5. The little details that give away

They have gestures of kindness at any time of the day. They can exchange gifts without necessarily being on a particular date, they buy coffee during work hours, they write to know if they arrived home safely, etc. In short, both care about having special attention.

You have noticed that he does not treat you the same as all the other colleagues, but rather tries to show that he cares more about you, even if it is with small gestures.

6. They try to get to know each other more

Both are interested in taking the relationship to a deeper level, where they can get to know each other a little more. This is why they look for excuses to meet outside of work, to be able to dedicate more quality time.

They also have a motivation to get to know each other in other contexts outside of work, with the aim of discovering if they have more issues in common. Any information you decide to give or receive is valuable to continue getting to know each other.

7. They feel the need to be close

The normal thing is that we have instances to talk with all the members of the work, either because we need to request certain information or because we are simply interested in knowing the people with whom we work. So the fact of sharing with several different groups is something frequent. However, if you start to care who the other hangs out with to the point of jealousy, then it’s possible that it’s not just a simple friendship anymore and you have a little deeper feelings.

8. They exchange compliments

If any detail is worthy of praise or if they are looking for the occasion to do so, then that is a clear sign that both of them are feeling something stronger than simple affection towards another co-worker. Relationships with co-workers are almost never exempt from doubts and romanticism, which is why we decided to write about the signs that denote that the work relationship with a colleague may begin to have another nuance. So after reading all the signs, is there something else going on with your special companion or not?

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