If you are one of the people who calls themselves realistic, but you always highlight some somewhat unpleasant event, the heat is always unbearable, if it cools, it is polar cold, when someone gets sick you are worse, she has an illness, you two or three , the days are always bad, you hate Mondays, the traffic, your boss, your salary, everything but everything. Ask yourself, what is the point of being so negative? There is nothing worse than dealing with a negative person, and to top it all off, it is scientifically proven that it is contagious.

There are neurons called “mirror neurons” that act like a wireless network and track the emotional flow of the people we are with and then reissue that emotional state in our brain. The individual’s neurons reflect the behavior of the other, as if the observer were performing the action. Hence its mirror name and also the easy contagion. Both the bad and the good vibes spread with the speed of a cold virus. The problem is that the consequences of being negative are worse than those of a cold. In fact, studies show that being constantly negative brings health problems, lowers defenses and makes you vulnerable even to diseases as terrible as cancer.

Nobody is saying that you can’t have negative thoughts, but we have to be careful not to hit the bad vibes. It’s stressful to go around thinking in black, so: “you, negative person, stay away from me!”. If it rains, go out with an umbrella, if it’s hot…don’t cover up so much, if you have allergies…assume it’s spring, if your head hurts…it happens to me too sometimes and there are remedies that remove it, everything has a solution, and if you don’t have it…then it’s no longer a problem, don’t worry. Nothing is so terrible.

Here are 8 steps to stop being negative.

1. Live in the moment

Do not confuse living without plans or goals, that is something else, but do not stress with what happened a moment or a few days ago, or with what will probably happen if this or that thing happens. Thinking about the past or future makes you more anxious and less calculating. Relax, live in the present.

2. Practice positive affirmations.

Being a positive person (if you are not completely) requires some practice, either with the things you say as much as you see things, you have to practice always seeing the bright side of something. Get up in the morning and say positive things, be grateful for what you have and feel happy about it. Do not start the day thinking black, ranting about your chores or about the day you will have. Remember nothing bad has happened yet, instead if something good, you just woke up and are in good health. That can’t be bought.

3. Don’t beat yourself up

Don’t get carried away by reluctance and frustration, maybe something went wrong, you haven’t got what you needed, whatever, it’s not the end of the world, it happens to all of us, a stumble is not a fall . Calm down and analyze what happened, discover what bothers you, fix it and get over it.

4. Focus on the positive.

Separate the things in your life, we all have bad and good things, nobody escapes from that, but your mood will change a lot if you change your focus and concentrate on what is good for you. Be grateful for the good things you have, health, friends, family, being whole, think of the people who, despite the scourges of life, do not have time to complain because they are always doing something good for themselves and for others and You will realize that life is not as terrible as you think.

5. Exercise.

Taking care of yourself improves your self-esteem, loving yourself is the best thing you can do, take care of your health, eat well and do physical exercises, exercise has a physiological effect on us at the moment we practice it, immediately our body reacts and begins to release endorphins and serotonin.

Serotonin regulates functions such as sleep, moods, appetite, and sexual desire. Endorphins are known as the hormones of happiness, since they regulate the state of calm, joy and the feeling of falling in love.

6. Face fear.

Feel like a winner, all the strength you need to do something lies within you. Do not let yourself be underestimated by adversity, good things require effort, what is easy can be done by anyone and you are not just anyone, you are special. If you’re afraid of something, do it anyway. Challenge your ability and trust yourself. The more fears you have, the more negative you are.

7. Try new things.

Do not fear change, evolution is part of the process of being human. By saying yes to new things and to life, you are giving yourself another chance. This is an endless process, learn more every day, grow as a person, expand your capacity and above all transmit that good vibe to the people around you.

8. Change perspective.

If something is not going well, try to rethink it in another way, take a little time to calmly analyze it, there is probably something you are not seeing. Taking a break will make you think more clearly, and see better options, but do not give up or give up, solve it, there is no greater satisfaction than carrying out that despite the difficulties we achieved.

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