Talking about sex, even with a partner, is still a reason to blush even in the times we live in. Oral sex, closely linked to the forbidden, was always stigmatized and kept behind the curtains of taboo. However, studies have shown that this stimulation allows men to achieve a more powerful erection and is the sexual practice that most provokes them.

They like it, they would never refuse but curiously, they would not ask so openly. The reasons are diverse, the aftermath of a misunderstood prejudice around this practice that leads to the preconception that it is wrong, or that it is an offense to women.

That a couple can talk about these issues, in confidence and without fear, should be a primary rule in the relationship. It is always affirmed from sexology that we must learn to know our own body and that of the couple, what each one likes and what he does not like, the places, the times, the fantasies and all the paths that lead to sexual enjoyment always they will be valid Therefore, oral sex should be assumed as something normal and that inevitably leads men to the paths of pleasure.


1. You have to go beyond the glans

Many women do not go beyond the glans. It is not that this is bad, but it is good that they always seek to go a little further.

2. Also the testicles are part of the rite

The testicles are also part of the ritual of oral sex. It is important that you go through them with delicacy. As long as it is carefully, it is a practice that can offer you a lot of pleasure.

3. A sexual fantasy is receiving oral sex from a pierced tongue.

Myth or urban legend, but there are men who claim that oral practice with a pierced tongue is extremely pleasurable. It’s a matter of checking. Everything is a matter of taste, some may find it uncomfortable, others unthinkable, but there are those who find it pleasant.

4. Saliva is a good ally

They say that the greater the influx of fluids in the mouth, the greater the enjoyment and pleasure. Many women make the effort not to salivate so much, which is a mistake, because it is much more pleasant.

5. The soft bites do not have to be absent

Although it is true that it is the most susceptible area in them, it does not mean that the bites should be absent. You have to be very careful, it is true, it is not a sudden or forceful bite, it is soft and moderate, that can be felt, but without hurting. Not so much and not so weak.

6. It’s not about licking, but about sucking

It is not bad that the tongue acquires a certain role in the foreplay and as part of the ritual. But keep in mind that oral sex is not about licking but about sucking. The process primarily involves sucking.


7. Having ice in your mouth increases pleasure

In terms of testing sensations, breaking taboos and entering the realm of pleasure, trying the cold can cause another type of pleasure. Keeping a feeling of cold caused, for example, with ice can bring you a different enjoyment.

8. Other ideas: whipped cream

Getting carried away by the free enjoyment of sex is the question. It is always good to break the monotony even within free and open sex such as oral sex, believe it or not, all the practices that are carried out, if we always enhance them in the same way, end up being monotonous. Also in oral sex you can be creative, the application of whipped cream in the area is a good way to give variation to the pleasure.

It is curious, but when it comes to talking about sex, there is a greater influx of information regarding women, but not so much in relation to men. It is good that women are aware of what gives them pleasure. Having a full knowledge of sexuality, of how we are and what we like, makes the sexual life of the couple much more intense, free and pleasant.

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