It is something very valuable that the man makes you feel loved, but do you do the same for him?

Like the woman, the man also wants support, encouragement and to be congratulated for his good deed. And to the extent that you make him feel special, you will also have your reward because he will surely want to respond to you in the same way. To show him your love you do not need a special day, making a special man in your life feel might seem like a complicated task, but it is not because the male psyche is much easier to please. If your man deserves it, do not spare him affection, it is not a matter of going out of your way, but also of what you receive when you are the special woman for him, that’s why make him feel the special man for you.

Remember that you must give to receive, when it is done with sincerity, it is received in abundance, that is why it is important to know how to make a man happy.

Seduce him with words

What you say can make a big difference in your relationship, words of love so that he feels like a special being. When there is true love you can achieve it with a little effort.

Men like to be recognized for the things they excel at. Their ego is one of their Achilles heels, and therefore, feeling that they have your attention is important to them. If you say words like “thank you, you are the best”, “I trust you”, “you look gorgeous”, “I listen to you” or “you are charming”, you will be able to return the magic to your relationship.

give him space

When a man is worried, he usually isolates himself to concentrate and let time settle whatever is making him nervous. If you really want your partner to feel special, you must understand and recognize that they need their moments alone. Also make it clear that you are with him unconditionally and that you support him. But he always gives her his space and a little time to get over it.

Remember that men’s vision is focal and they cannot attend to several things at the same time, do not distract him, just support him.

Value his opinion

There is no better thing to make a man feel good than letting him solve things, that is very important to him. We are not saying that you become lazy deferring your responsibilities to him. We are talking about something that is difficult for you to know that he is the hero, it will cause him such a pleasant feeling that he will reciprocate you with rewards, and if his advice is useful to you, do not hesitate to put it into practice, in this way he will notice how much you value his words and it will feel useful to you.

make him feel attractive

Flirt with him, like when you just met him, even in front of his friends and let him know that you are attracted to him and that you like him very much, be sexy when he looks at you, make him feel wanted. In return, he will admire your sensuality even more and he will feel safe with you.

Men need to be flattered, and feeling like conquerors boosts their ego. He highlights the positive qualities that he has and make him feel like a special being in an integral way.

Never criticize him in front of others

Most men can’t stand a partner who constantly criticizes them. It will be very painful for him to feel useless that does not meet your expectations. If you do not agree with something, talk to him and calmly, but never make scenes in public or in an offensive way.

Do not compare him Make it

clear that for you he is unique and that is why you love him. Don’t belittle his intelligence or his ability to handle things, or compare him to someone else. Always express your respect and appreciation for him and you will surely receive the same from him.

Make him fall in love in bed

Not only does sex mean intimacy or just what men like in bed, but make him feel special and loved, hugging him effusively for no reason when they are alone, sitting on his lap, caressing him while they watch a movie, play with his hair or play tickles touching him in his most sensitive parts with eroticism.

How to make a man feel good making love, maybe it’s not that complicated since men love sex, making a man happy in bed and out of it, is to touch a man both sexually and not sex makes them feel extraordinarily good. This is how you can make a man happy and do not rule out how to make love to a man so that you are a goddess for him.

Share your secrets and dreams

Sharing your secrets and your dreams with him is making a man who is special to you feel good, it is another type of intimacy. Motivating him to also share his secrets with you and his dreams is to bring him closer to you, because you support him and listen to him, it is another type of intimacy in complicity. As you can see, making a man feel special is planting a path of reciprocity towards you, learning how to make a man happy in bed and out of it, will give you rewards that you will enjoy. If he is a special man, he deserves it!

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