The admiration and innate attraction that a man feels for a woman is not only produced by the sexual instinct, it is a feeling made up of many sensations that the man observes when he interacts with a woman and he is fascinated by her virtues and ends up even falling in love. . Here are the top ten things that men greatly admire about women.

1. Power of reflection

The reflective capacity of women is another of its strengths. The woman is capable of thinking and rethinking an issue hundreds of times, in this way they usually always make the best decision, since they have analyzed all the points of view and future repercussions. The woman is extremely conscientious in making decisions, this produces surprise and admiration in the man, who does not hesitate to consult her concerns and her problems with her, making her her confidant. In fact, even if the woman is passionate or temperamental, she always thinks things through , not twice , maybe hundreds before acting, even if she doesn’t seem to.

History shows how kings and powerful characters that have existed throughout history frequently asked women for advice when faced with momentous decisions. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the US president of the same last name, and Evita Peron are some of the most talked about examples. With good reason Groucho Marx made the phrase famous; “ Behind a great man there is a great woman ”. Many of the readers will be forced to admit that they frequently ask their wives for advice.

2. Work capacity

Women’s ability to work is a virtue that amazes and moves men. Everyone knows what a mother can do for her family, her obstinacy and love prevent her from being able to rest, as long as there is some work or attention that her family needs. Her sacrifice and her love for the family are her drive and strength, but her sense of responsibility and duty assumed also have to do with it, the day to day of the family shows that the woman is compliant

At work, women show the same capacity for work as at home , they are tireless and fulfilling their tasks, it is common for them to get up early and come in before their schedule to ensure the completion of urgent work. They often continue the working day outside the hours stipulated in their work schedule without claiming compensation for it and there are no shortage of days that they take part of the work to finish at home. Many companies aware of her great ability prefer to hire female staff, men also know this and admire them for it, although often in secret to safeguard her pride.

3. Organization

The organizational skills of women are evident and well known. A woman always finds what she is looking for , because she is orderly and knows where she keeps everything. Each woman creates her own method, it may seem meaningless to foreign eyes, but she always finds an order and planning for everything, a woman never leaves things anywhere as a man usually does, she directly deposits everything in the right place that you have previously enabled for it, why waste time leaving them somewhere else?

Its organizational capacity transcends individuality, the woman will always know where anything is that has been abandoned by her children or husband . Surely, as soon as she has been detected by the woman, she will have been relocated to a more appropriate place, knowing that sooner or later, someone will ask about her. In many of the homes, the woman is in charge of managing the family budget , her organizational skills facilitate her management. She knows perfectly the expenses of the house and where to buy at the best price to extend the funds she has available, how not to admire them!

4. Sensuality

The woman’s body is beautiful and sensual in itself , she only has to accentuate this sensuality a little to subdue the man’s instincts . Through her gestures, modulation of her voice, way of moving she is able to literally hypnotize the man. The woman knows herself very well and is intelligent in the way she dresses, she knows how to use clothes that enhance the strengths of each woman, a sinuous bust, the curvature of her hips, heels to stylize her figure, makeup, hairstyle and At the same time, he knows how to hide his defects in the same way, using clothes that hide and create another sensation.

In addition to being admired, sensuality in women is a quality desired and sought after by men . Sensuality is not a characteristic that a man appreciates only in his partner, it is also highly valued in the women with whom he interacts on a daily basis. Since it facilitates relationships and makes them more pleasant, a sensual woman is more pleasant and likeable to work with or interact with in supermarkets, cafes or restaurants. The man likes the sensual woman.

5. Passion

Passion is one of the greatest attractions that men can find in a woman, because it is a contagious passion, which provokes a feeling that is palpable in coexistence and seduces. Sharing life with a passionate woman allows the man who accompanies her to live a more intense emotional experience and also conveys a more authentic feeling . Being loved by a passionate woman is an experience that leaves a mark on the man and, of course, hooks.

A passionate woman puts her heart into everything she intends to undertake and this mode of behavior does not go unnoticed by the man, who admires her integrity, honor and conviction unleashing his admiration. On many occasions, she takes the initiative when relating romantically and this is unexpected for the man but at the same time very attractive.

6. Loyalty

Loyalty is a virtue that makes a person trustworthy and worthy of friendship. It does not imply obedience, unconditionality, nor the obligation to take the same side, nor to give the reason even if you do not have it, it is about being honest with the other person and not betraying them . It can be discussed but with respect and with a spirit of understanding, it is about building not bending. We are not looking for a vassal, it is about having an ally by our side.

Loyalty takes on an even more important meaning when a man seeks a romantic relationship with a woman . In this circumstance it becomes a fundamental pillar for the couple, it is something that dignifies and protects mutual trust. Love and friendship must be based on friendship to be honest and sincere. A loyal woman is worthy of being loved.

7. Sense of humor

The sense of humor makes it easier for us to face life and relate to society. It is better to crack a smile and make a joke of our misfortune when things don’t go well, than to frown and remain angry. Taking life with joy is easier to live together and transmit good feelings to our fellow men. Knowing how to perceive things in a positive way and knowing how to look for the funny point improves our life experience and that of all those people who accompany us.

Every man would like to share his life with a fun woman with a good sense of humor. It is about a person who jokes and prone to fun and happy moments . With her it is easier to coexist and overcome tensions, discussions and misunderstandings as a couple, since he has a greater capacity to face these situations and does not tend to dramatize. Sweeten your life and look for a woman with a sense of humor!

8. Intelligence

Intelligence is a highly valued value and is among the virtues of women that cause greater admiration . There are urban legends that advocate that the intelligent woman ends her single life because she is ungovernable, but it is something flatly false. Most men would beg for a woman like that . An intelligent woman contributes and enriches, constitutes a value in itself, only a fool would believe otherwise.

An intelligent woman is not conceited or thinks she is superior, she is just a trained woman who reasons properly and has her own criteria, she does not follow the current of the masses . She does not allow herself to be manipulated or fooled by being flattered, she knows what she wants and what is good for her. She is a woman with personality who helps to progress and shares life one to one with whom she loves. Her talent is golden and worthy of admiration.

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