Yes, we have all read or heard that men only think about sex, which can leave you believing that what men like in bed is simple.

Men think about sex yes, but when and how they do it varies from one individual to another, not generalizing it is a first step to avoid falling into some classic mistakes that kill passion. Do you want to learn more? Keep reading!

Table of Contents

  • 1 The signal game or how to excite a man
    • 1.1 Know him well
    • 1.2 Play with personal space
    • 1.3 Toca
    • 1.4 Launch yourself or show yourself available
    • 1.5 Prolong foreplay
    • 1.6 Oral sex
    • 1.7 Raise the tone of your language
    • 1.8 Lose Control

The signal game or how to excite a man

know him well

Knowing¬† how to excite a man is a subjective matter, determined by the instinctive and cultural stimuli that unite us as a species and society… and also by his personality, formed through unique experiences and personal enjoyment.

It might surprise you that beyond what our culture, other women, or you, have learned about what works, it is your personality that establishes what attracts and excites you . Observe it without prejudice, what catches your attention?

Play with personal space

We all have one, knowing where your borders are and where theirs are is crucial to start a dance of seduction that, well played, should never end.

Play little games during your time together : allow him to traverse that space under specific circumstances or cues, or take the initiative and explore various ways of approaching him.


Of course we all understand the meaning and message of touch on our erogenous zones and, although it is a very important element, here we talk about touch in a broader aspect and related to what has already been expressed.

Games with personal space are something that, if you have managed well up to this point, have already generated an important link that we will now dedicate ourselves to extending: touch it to show affection and suggest availability .

Launch yourself or show yourself available

We have reached one of the moments where it is more important to know him well: there are men who, when faced with a woman who takes the initiative, simply close down; other tasteful personalities will lose their minds when you take that first step.

This process will stimulate the most important organ of your sexuality: your mind and your imagination . If you manage to enter there in a pleasant way for him, you have half the game won; ask yourself: what would drive him crazy?

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Prolong foreplay

We tend to believe that men want to get straight to the point, and although this is sometimes true, the so-called intercourse is crucial to sustaining a pleasurable relationship that both want to return to over and over again.

The activities prior to a sexual relationship are so important that, on certain occasions and well managed, they could lead both to orgasm. This is also the border where your focus should be distributed between your pleasure and theirs.

oral sex

Before this topic is really a question that could fall like a bucket of water to the two of them in the middle of the bed, it would have to have been resolved in some of the previous pairing or stimulation stages.

It is important that both of you clearly know what you can expect from each other: just like your own posture; yours could be as complex as you like to give, but not receive oral sex, or vice versa.

Turn up the tone of your language

Have you found out if he prefers that you suggest your availability to have sex or that you take the initiative? In either case, making love to a ninja in absolute silence during the course of the relationship is a step towards monotony .

Play with ideas, adopt secret personalities, request or offer things by adopting a tone and behavior that you know will drive him crazy; take control of the rhythm or offer it: always part of the idea that power in sex is playful .

lose control

Speaking of control, surrendering to the pleasurable sensations you receive or give is one of the universal joys of all human beings: there is not one of us, in our species, who does not enjoy being a source of pleasure.

Learn to let go and leave yourself, literally, in the hands of your partner; It is a practice that reinforces emotional ties, affection and trust: it will generate very interesting conversations in the future and will keep the act as something new for both of you.

What did you think of this guide? Did it give you new ideas?

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