Anal sex is incredible as for you and for her. Anal sex can create a lot of stimulation for the woman and can lead to an anal orgasm. In this article, I am going to share with you 8 tips to have the best anal sex. 

It is important that you take your time when practicing anal sex. Dilate your anus calmly and you must do this very carefully. He starts with fingers or (small) toys to dilate his anus. Communicate with each other and let her decide the pace and depth. And the most important thing is that you use a lot of Anal Lubricant.

Why is anal sex amazing? 

As a man you may be interested in this type of sex and for her, it’s amazing too. As a man you may believe that women do not like anal sex, but in reality it is a fantasy for many women.

But this is not the only reason why anal sex is amazing for girls. The other reason is physical, is that the wall between the vagina and the anus is really small . So there will be stimulation in your vagina when you have anal sex. Anal sex can even lead to an anal orgasm.


When you do everything right, it’s incredible for her. But anal sex can be very painful too when you do it wrong. She may even leave behind some negative thoughts and a woman remembered this painful experience. And many men are the cause of this bad experience…  

  • They use porn as an example
  • They put their penis “secretly” in her anus
  • They do not use lubricating gel
  • They don’t do foreplay
  • they don’t communicate
  • They penetrate her anus like a “raging beast”

These are the stupidest things you can do during anal sex.

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The 8 steps to the best anal sex with a woman

#1 Convince her

This can take time. This is not something you achieve on any given day that you want anal sex. How do you do this?  Read this article. 

#2 Preparation

a shaved ass

All the hair on his ass has to go. Otherwise, she may hurt when she has penetration. 

A clean ass inside

Your wife or partner needs to make sure not to poop before sex. It is best to do this an hour before sex. This way her ass will be cleaner inside. You also need to watch what you eat in the hours before anal sex. Spicy food makes you go to the bathroom, for example, so don’t let him eat that. 

A shower can help you with this too. Not only will it give you the feeling that you are cleaner, but you will also be more relaxed.

Lubricating gel 

You can not use little. The anus does not lubricate itself and cannot be lubricated unless you do. So use a lot of lubricating gel when having anal sex.

Tip for buying lubricant: Make sure you buy an “anal lubricant gel” . Anal gel is thicker, and is not the same as vaginal lubricant.


You are more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease during anal sex than vaginal sex. Make sure you use a condom or get lab tests to see if you have any diseases before having anal sex without a condom. 

#3 Make sure she is relaxed and aroused (She has to be aroused)


Your anus may be too tight when you are nervous or stressed. A relaxed atmosphere is really important. Taking a hot bath or shower together can help with this. This will give her a clean feeling as well, and this will also lead to a greater feeling of comfort in her.

A long foreplay

She really needs to be warm and relaxed. So make sure there is a long foreplay. Even a few glasses of wine or beer can help you loosen up more. Undress her very slowly and take a long time before you are going to perform oral sex.

an orgasm

Give him incredible oral sex and even an impressive orgasm as you learned with the Master Method of Sex . Take time for her to shudder, gasp, and let her reach her peak.

Now she will be ready for anal sex and no, this is not after 10 minutes, but after 60 minutes when it all started.

(During this part you can already place your thumb in her anus. To get her used to penetration.)

#4 Slowly dilate your anus

First: Make sure you trim your nails! And files too. This is something you will have to do every time you have sex. And no, this is not gay, this is one of the sacrifices you need to make when you want to be a God of Sex. 

  • 1. Put a finger in her anus and massage it a bit (you should already be using Anal Lubricant for this). 
  • 2. Make sure your entire finger is “soaked” in lubricant and you can insert your first finger. Take the time for this.
  • 3. Let her move her ass and keep your hand still, let her decide the rhythm.
  • 4. When she likes it and that finger is all the way in, it’s time to slowly put the first part of your penis into her anus. Let her set the pace again and keep your penis steady so you don’t move it. 
  • 5. When you feel that he likes it and is finding a rhythm. It’s time for you to take control. And this, he is not easy friend. This is tighter than a vagina so don’t come too fast. 

#5 Ask him what he thinks

Normally I advise you not to ask him every time if he likes it or not. It can make you seem less confident and dominant.

But the first few times with anal sex I want you to ask her if she really likes it. It’s something new for both of you and you want to get it right. Just ask him a simple question: “How are you feeling?” Let her shake her ass so he can decide the pace and what feels right for her. 

#6 Go for it and break all barriers 

In the beginning, it’s dilating, trying and finding the right rhythm. You have to do all this calmly, but after a long period, you will feel that he is really going to enjoy it and that he wants it harder. This is the time to be dominant again. Pull his hair, go deeper, talk dirty and be louder. But not too loud, it’s not porn. And make sure you use enough Anal Lubricant. 

Expert tip: Let her use a vibrator for her clit. This way you will have double stimulation.

#7 After sex

The first anal sex can be very exciting for her. She really did something naughty and there is something taboo about anal sex. So make sure she understands that this is normal. I’m sure this isn’t the last time you’ll have anal sex, so don’t make her feel used or embarrassed. Here are some tips of things you should not do after sex after sex.

#8 Hygiene tips

Before anal sex

Make sure he washes his anus a bit with soap. It is not necessary to wash your anus completely with water. This can remove the good bacteria.

during anal sex

Use a condom when infection tests have not been done. The chances of getting an infection without a condom are much higher during anal sex than vaginal sex. 

Do not go from the anus to her vagina. Both of them and especially her have a higher chance of getting a Urinary Tract Infection. And this is something you should avoid, do not forget.

after anal sex

When you do it without a condom, make sure to urinate after sex, so you don’t get a urinary tract infection.  

Do you want more tips? 

Read other articles for more tips on how to be a good man in bed Do you want to be the God of Sex in your region? Read the Master Method of Sex and all the girls you fuck using this method will come back, because it will be the best experience of their lives. 

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