To know how to arouse a man and provoke him intensely, it is of vital importance that you know what the term ‘arousal’ refers to. It is the body’s first response to sexual desire, which is triggered by a series of sensations and conditioning, both physical and psychological, such as a caress, a kiss, a look and even a smell. However, you must not forget that the factors responsible for arousal vary from one man to another, therefore, you must be aware of the weak points or erogenous zones in order to stimulate his senses and stimulate him to the maximum. Sexual relations that last forever in the memory are those in which there is a strong connection between both members of the couple, for which the exchange of affection and achieving the perfect climax is essential.

Next, we present nine caresses that you can try to see how you can achieve maximum pleasure in your partner:

your ones They are powerful allies to arouse your partner’s sexual appetite. The back is usually a good place to stroke with your nails, starting at the top and ending at her butt. If you want to drive him even more crazy, do it from the chest, through his abdomen and ending in the groin. You don’t need to apply pressure, you don’t want to scratch it. – The power of kisses. Kisses are exciting, both on the lips and in other parts of the body. Women especially like that kisses circulate throughout the body, but men enjoy that the love is focused on the penis. – Nothing more exciting than words. Language has incredible power, which you will notice as soon as you start whispering in its ear. If you have never done it, start with the simplest thing you can think of, but use your creativity. – Don’t forget the nipples. Some men also feel pleasure when their nipples are caressed. Watch his reactions to know what and how he likes it. – Don’t forget the thighs. The inner part of the man’s thighs is a very sensitive part and a very strong point to stimulate him. He presses firmly, but without hurting, and then kisses him. – The male G-spot. The perineum is located between the penis and the anus, it is an erogenous zone that few men dare to experience, but you can help him discover it. In that area is where the G-spot of men is located and you can get there after caressing their thighs. – Stop at the neck. The nape of the neck is one of the most erogenous zones, but the region of the front of the neck is the specific point where there is more excitement when it is caressed, or stimulated with the tongue. – Caress him with your breasts. For men, the visual aspect is very important, so it can be irresistible if you slide your breasts down his body, but allow him to see you in all your splendor. Also use your butt. Men go crazy with this part of the female body. With your back to him, make circular movements with your butt close to his penis, leaning your body forward so that he has a vision of you that will drive him crazy. – The erogenous zones are those areas of the body that are more sensitive to stimulation and cause sexual arousal. Men, in addition to the genitals, have parts of the body with a greater number of nerve endings, which implies new possibilities to intensify their desire, strategically, and drive them crazy. The erogenous zones of men are: the scalp,

Do not forget that you can arouse his desire before you are close to him and start touching him. Dress in a sensual way and send him a photo while he is in the office. Take care of your hygiene and keep a clean and well-presented appearance. If you want to excite him, show some of your skin, wear a mini skirt or a top that shows off your cleavage, no need to show everything, just get his imagination going.

It is important that you use body language. Caress your hair, bite your lip, smile, caress your body while you look at him, cross your legs, get closer to him as you talk to him, etc., in short, take advantage of the situation you are in, to connect. your thoughts with your body. Physical temptation is an excellent seduction tactic, provoke him, pretend you don’t know he’s watching you and move, eat or talk sensually. If you add a good dose of caresses and kisses to that, you will excite him immediately. You must not forget that the previous moments are essential because they function as a prelude to the intimate encounter and predict its success or failure. Make sure that both are comfortable with what is happening and always show a lot of security.

Don’t hold back and let him know how much you want him, how good he is in bed or what you want him to do to you; words, like sounds, have a strong influence on the male mind. Always keep in mind that an advantage in your favor is that you know their tastes and desires.

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