Do we need a partner to live? Are we humans made to go down the path of life two by two?

The truth is that, after a certain age, if we are without a boyfriend or girlfriend, our environment begins to insistently ask us “are you still alone (or alone)?”, as if being alone was a bad thing. Having a partner is very good, it is the most common form of relationship outside the family, friendship and work, which is not saying too much either. You spend great moments as a couple and it is an experience that fills hundreds of books, but is it mandatory to have a partner?

It is one thing to want it and not get it, but quite another is not to have it by choice, out of boredom or… why not.

Right now we are going to see 9 and a half reasons why being without a partner is an option that can be highly recommended:

1- Time: it is the fundamental reason and the one that lays the foundations for all the others. If you live alone, you don’t have to spend time with your partner, and you can spend that time with a person you love very much, yourself (or yourself). Isn’t that reason enough?

2- Independence: with that time that we talked about before we can do whatever we want, because it is not only that we have it, but that we do not have the obligation to explain our behavior to anyone. If we want to walk around the house with a fairy costume, who is going to stop us? The best symbol of this independence is the TV remote control. No one is going to change the channel for us. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but we can also call this “freedom.”

3- Intimacy: is there greater intimacy than being alone with oneself? By not having a partner, you will have more moments for that intimacy, that introspection. You will be able to think without anyone interrupting you, you will be able to write your diary without having to hide it from prying eyes…
4- Self-knowledge: not having a partner does not mean being alone, let’s not confuse terms either. You can have sporadic relationships, friends, people who come and go, but even so, the time that we do not dedicate to the couple and we spend on ourselves helps us to reflect on how we are. The intimacy of the previous point offers us the possibility of getting to know each other a little better, what we like, what we hate, what we are looking for…

5- Learning:living by ourselves without the support (or the annoyance, depending on how you want to see it) of a partner forces us to also learn by ourselves. You can live each experience one hundred percent from your own perspective, analyze it and draw conclusions, without delegating to that supposed better half. You will be wrong alone and you will take the chestnuts out of the fire alone, which will make you stronger.

6- Trust: for all of the above, living without a partner is an opportunity to learn to trust ourselves. Gaining self-confidence also generates self-esteem.

7- The space: not sharing space with anyone makes us all bigger. We can sleep every day on one side of the bed, go to the restaurant we want without having to come to an agreement, walk down any street. The space belongs to us.
8- Happiness: yes, I was not wrong. It is not that life as a couple is a source of unhappiness, but seeking happiness is a personal matter that we should not carry on the shoulders of another person. Living alone we will learn to be happy by ourselves.

9- The family: it seems like a contradiction, but it is not. Not having more of a partner allows you to spend more time with your family, your siblings, your parents, your cousins… And you will banish words like “in-laws” from your vocabulary. And half a reason more: because we don’t need another half, we are born and die alone. That of the better half is an invented myth. We are an orange, not half.


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