Women tend to be very difficult to understand and in love relationships much more, therefore, we can all meet a woman who has had something to do with a married man, but it is we who give ourselves to a moment of Passion with a committed man.

This was stated in an experiment carried out at the Oklahoma State University, in which 184 people participated -men and women- where they showed that many women prefer married men to have a relationship.

The research participants were shown some photographs of men alone; Half of the participants were told that the man who appeared in the photograph was single and the remaining part was informed that the man was married. The result was that 90% of the women chose to have a romantic relationship with the married man.

Beyond the judgments, we can analyze what is behind this act? The truth is that everyone can respond according to their own experience or heard story, however, these are the reasons that lead a woman to be the third in contention.

1- Mere taste:

There are adventurous girls who simply do not care if the man is married or not, because that is the least important thing to them. You just want to sleep with him and enjoy the experience.

2- Because they already know that if he is married he is willing to marry:

It is more than obvious that the man who is already married obviously does not fear or escape commitment, which is why he can become a future husband. It may be a bit crazy to think that way, but there are those who have worked.

3- Relationship without commitment:

But some see it from the opposite side, they prefer married people so as not to have a greater burden of responsibilities. Likewise, emotional or sentimental ties are not involved, they are only intimate encounters, to satisfy their needs.

4- The desire to be the temptation:

For her, knowing that she is the woman who arouses temptation is gratifying. She likes to steal the attention of a married man since in this way she feeds her ego, she enjoys being the temptation that her married man wants to fall into.

5- Because a man who is a husband and father must be a good person:

But not everything is ego, for some there is the belief that a man who is married and has children is a good man, a good person, he has already been tested and that is why they prefer the married man over the single man. Well, the committed man understands many more things.

6- Greater experience and confidence:

Women who look for this type of men, it is because they project a lot of security, so to speak, they are experts in love relationships, since they maintain a family for a long time. They feel that these men will teach them new things and they feel safe with them.

7- The position of being “the most intelligent”, the one that deceives:

This happens very often, when the woman wants to be “the one who cheats” and not the one who “is cheated”. It is a way of experiencing being more or better than someone, according to her. She feels superior being with someone else’s man and tries to prove to herself that she can win whoever she is.

8- Because they are convinced that the married man was wrong to choose the woman:

A very frequent case is when a married man begins to go out with another woman and convinces her that things with his wife are not enough anymore, but that he cannot leave her yet. So time passes and the lover is convinced that he chose the wrong woman to marry and that she is the right one, in this case the lover will want her man to leave her wife and marry her.

9- Soledad:

Loneliness consumes anyone and in order not to be alone, the woman agrees out of a need for company and sexual satisfaction. Also, she wants someone with whom she can talk and who understands her.

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