Have you ever heard sexual positions with names of countries? Probably not; however, there are several positions that adopted their name according to certain nationalities and that respond to their place of origin, although this explanation is not entirely official.

The erotic positions walk through Europe and Asia, mainly.

The truth is that it causes curiosity to know what a sexual relationship would be like, for example, Italian, French, or Russian, and these forms are linked to prejudices that exist in the countries or to ancient and strange legends. To unravel that mystery, discover this list of the best-known positions and discover why they bear these names.

The position of the French

It is one of the most famous and refers to oral sex. It is used by the expression “do a French”, it consists of pleasing or stimulating the other person with the mouth, tongue and lips on their genitals. It can be done by both men and women, but in both cases they are called differently.

If it is the man who pleases the woman by stimulating her vulva with his mouth, it is called “cunnilingus”, but if it is the woman who satisfies the man by sucking or licking the penis, it is called “fellatio”. In the meantime, if the two people satisfy each other, it is called the ’69 pose’.

The German’s position

This position is also known as “the missionary position.” It is done by placing you on the bed and him on top of you. The advantage of this sexual strategy is the contact between both bodies. The two people can kiss and look into each other’s eyes during the act.

The Cuban or the Spanish

It is well known and consists of practicing intercourse by using the breasts to stimulate the male member. “The Cuban” or “the Spanish” are made by rubbing the penis between the two breasts pressed by the hands until reaching climax. Curiously, in Spain it is known as “making a Cuban”, but in the rest of the world it is called “making a Spanish”.

The Italian position

It is similar to the one known as “Cuban or Spanish”, although in this case it is about performing the same sexual act, but with other areas of the body. Italian sex consists of rubbing the penis against the armpit of the other person, exerting pressure with the arm. For this practice it is advisable to use lubricant and have shaved armpits.

Greek sex

This European country is related to penetration or anal intercourse. It is believed that this is because homosexual relations between men were normalized in ancient Greece. In fact, some warriors had a young man assigned to them on their missions to take care of their weapons and also to have sex as a “vent”.

English sex

It is known as “hard sex” and consists of practicing dominant or dominated role play or bondage (a term that means slavery). English sex is usually sadistic or masochistic with the use of sexual objects such as handcuffs, bandages, whips, but this variant does not include practices in which harm or pain is inflicted on the partner.

Swedish sex

With this name is called the masturbation in couple with the hands or with sex toys. Swedish sex can be done by grasping the penis so that the glans is free of the foreskin and moving on to penetration; in such a way that the glans is stimulated more strongly and the orgasm comes faster or as a mutual masturbation, either with the hand or using a sex toy.
Russian sex

“Doing a Russian” consists of the penetration between the thighs of the partner with which you can exert more or less pressure to obtain different pleasures. It also refers to the massage of the genital area with the help of oils.

The Indian posture

Sex “Indian” is the most creative of all because it refers to the hundreds of postures of the Kamasutra. This Hindu book provides numerous sexual positions to practice good sex and increase pleasure.

Travel the world together with your partner in this sexual tourist adventure and experiment with all these postures of curious names so that both feed pleasure during intimacy and, if they wish, choose which country they “stay” with or, better, prefer them. everyone.

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