No one would like to be the victim of infidelity, although this is something that has been happening very often in relationships lately. Today, it can be said that the temptation or the opportunities for that are found everywhere, whether at work, on the street, in recreational places, in short, anywhere. On the other hand, how would you react if you are a victim of infidelity? Obviously a person does not know how he would react, but perhaps what he is clear about is the decision he will make in the face of such betrayal.

Infidelity is one of the worst ways to betray a partner, even more so if it comes from a man with whom we have already spent a lot of time together, or if it is the father of our children. However, generally women when they realize that they are victims of deception, give rise to frustration and even hatred. In this case, the first thing you should do is not act with a cloudy mind, you should think carefully about how to deal with the situation and what to do accordingly, since the rage of the moment could play tricks on you.

Here we would like to show you what are some things you should avoid doing in a cheating situation:

Don’t make it public

Many people use social networks as a place to vent, exposing their personal problems and even infidelities. It is understood that the injured person publishes that situation in order to burn “the other” or her husband, but far from that happening, the only one who ends up being mocked and criticized could be yourself. Frankly, exposing this kind of thing is a very unpleasant act, since on the one hand, Internet users would not be very interested in resolving the conflict and on the other hand, doing that would make you look unintelligent. Always keep in mind that relationship problems are private matters and should be resolved alone at home.

Don’t blame the woman

Is it justifiable to blame the woman? NOT at all, a man who tells you that is simply to wash his hands. Saying that he didn’t know what he was doing or that he was under pressure are just excuses, and actually knowing how he started is something that doesn’t matter. To begin with, you should know that your partner is big enough and conscious enough to know what he is doing; secondly, it may be the case that the other woman is also a victim of deception. Being honest, it is not the girl who should matter to you, it is with your man that you should solve the problem.

Do not ask for detailed reports

You should worry about the central idea of ​​the story, here the only thing that should matter to you is that you were the victim of a hoax. Knowing how, where or when are details that should not even arouse your interest, since that would only serve to torment you even more. Even obsessively thinking over and over again about what they did could be disrespectful to yourself. In a relationship where you thought everything was on the right track and this “surprise” hits you like cold water, believe me that listening to the details about how that betrayal took place again will not help at all to solve the problem.

Do not think about revenge

So many times we have listened to women who were deceived and who do not find a better solution than to take revenge, sometimes even with fatal consequences. Therefore, before committing any type of revenge you should think well, since at first you can satisfy that anger and that contained hatred, but later, as time goes by, the remorse will be greater and greater and you will not I’ll let you forget what happened. Revenge is a negative way of externalizing your emotions and your anguish, therefore, it is advisable to discard that completely. Doing some kind of harm to those who harmed you will not return anything.

Think hard before you forgive

There is no parameter that defines what type of infidelity should be forgiven or not, that is something that depends exclusively on the affected person. Betrayal is betrayal, period, and when a situation like this happens, the first thing that ends up dying is the trust that there was on the part of the person who, in this case, is the victim. No one says that you should walk away in the face of a deception, if you want you can even sit down and talk with your partner, maybe that will help calm the waters and why not, give rise to a new possibility of staying together. It is advisable to always listen to what the other person has to tell you.

If you want to walk away and leave everything behind, you are within your rights; but above all try to take care of yourself first, do not expose yourself on social networks or in public places, showing everyone that you were a victim of deception. Don’t do things you might regret later.


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