Work problems, economic or financial complications, bad news, family conflicts, traffic, the cell phone broke: there are many things that can cause a “bad day” for your partner.

In these cases, moodiness, boredom and even a kind of extreme tiredness usually appear, which is more mental than physical.


Nobody is safe from inconveniences and sometimes they affect us negatively. The ideal is always to confront them constructively, but sometimes they defeat us.

If your partner had one of those days that are better to forget, you can do a lot to help him. These are some tips that will be very useful to you.

1 Listen to him, it can be in silence or encouraging him with short phrases. The important thing in these cases is not to put pressure, because people react differently. Talking about the things that make us sick is normally a good way to face problems, free ourselves from negative charges and combat stress. Sit next to him and tell him to start from the beginning, showing interest.

2 Sex can be a good “antidote”, especially if you can attend to their tastes and fulfill some of their fantasies. Surprise him by taking the initiative. 3 Food is another very effective way to face a bad moment and much more if you entertain him with his favorite. You will know the saying that says “full belly, happy heart” and it is something that contains a great truth. If your partner is down for some reason, a good strategy is to attend to their small culinary tastes… and if it is a meal prepared with your hands, even better.

4 At all times, he should feel how much you love him and how special he is to you. It probably won’t solve his problems, but he will undoubtedly feel much better.

5 Sometimes, when we are immersed in a problem or a special situation, we do not have a complete vision of the situation. Analyze what is happening and put things in the right context, many times expressions like “everything goes wrong”, “I am useless” or “I have no way out”. Let him hear that everything is fine, that it will get better, that he has you. Between the two, they will be able to find the solution at the moment. 6 In the previous point we talked about putting the problem in context, which in no way means minimizing or dismissing it. Expressions like “you’re exaggerating” or “it shouldn’t be what you’re saying” can lead to closure or arguments. Each one perceives situations in a unique way, according to his circumstances, to the way he has done so far, to his personal history, to his education, etc and it is not a good strategy to question all that. Focus on his feelings and support him at all times.

7 Affection is the best remedy for bad times. Kisses, cuddles, caresses, hugs, are a good way to face adverse circumstances. The key in these cases is “not to suffocate him”, respect his times and his style so that you don’t look overwhelmed.

8 An outing for a coffee or just a walk can be a good way to face a bad moment. Just being with other people and breathing fresh air can positively impact your mood, making you feel less alone. 9 Encourage him to exercise together, so his endorphins will be activated and he will feel much better. help him go out more often. Even going to the gym together for half an hour could have a significant impact on your mood.

10 Do something different, go out somewhere, watch a funny movie, schedule a different weekend outing. A good variant of this is to surprise him with an evening watching his favorite movie from his childhood or adolescence.

11 If he prefers to be alone, respect that feeling. It is logical that you want to do everything you can to cheer him up and make him feel better, but the best thing you can do is understand him and give him some time alone, if that is what he needs, because not all people react the same in these circumstances. Never pressure him to do something, otherwise you could make things worse. 12 Silence can be as healing as words, but the point is that you can differentiate one moment from another and that you know your partner well enough to know what is best for him.

13 If your partner is wrong and everything you do does not work, it is logical that you feel frustrated and even angry. It is something normal and that you must learn to handle.

14 If the problem you are facing is serious or has no solution (for example, the death of a loved one is irreversible, all that remains is to face the mourning and overcome it) the key word is “patience”. 15 Although you must use logic and reasoning to understand the situation, that alone may not be enough, you must also “listen with your heart”

In all cases, listen to what he really means. Repeat it in your own words and he will know that you truly care about him and that you understand the situation he is going through. Make sure I’m done talking before you say anything, don’t interrupt him. Don’t give him advice if he hasn’t asked for it. Look him in the eye, it is a way of expressing your real attention.

Remember that everyone has their way and their time to face events, so it is necessary to know and respect them.

If the thing goes from being “a bad day” and continues over time, professional help may be necessary to find the appropriate solution.

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