In recent times, the Spanish royal family has made headlines for many not so positive events, such as the judicial conviction of two of its members or the disagreements between Queen Sofia and Queen Letizia. Perhaps this is a minor one, but it is very striking: after all, you can’t always see a princess smack a queen in public.

annoying sun

In times of the internet and social media, nothing escapes public scrutiny and judgment.

It happened during the traditional royal family vacations in Mallorca, more specifically in the Almudaina Palace, when King Felipe VI (50), Queen Letizia (45) and their daughters, Infanta Sofia (11) and Princess Leonor ( 12), were preparing to pose for a photograph.

It was a splendid day and the sun was in front of them. Infanta Sofia wore a white dress and Leonor, a blue one.

The star king bothered the infanta Sofia, so she chooses to cover her face with one hand.

At that moment, Queen Letizia takes the girl’s arm, implying that she comes down. The teenager reacts abruptly, pulling her arm out and slapping her hand as a sign of clear discontent. She even looks back, with an angry face, where her mother is.

King Felipe reacts by looking at the two, but it is not clear if he realized what happened or just saw his daughter react.

Spoiled or rebellious, the only thing certain is that the act of the infanta quickly went viral.

real disagreements

It is not the first time that an infanta puts out her hand as a sign of discontent when someone in her family takes her by the arm. A similar gesture was made by Princess Leonor to her grandmother, who took Dona Sofia’s hand, an action that at the time was highly criticized.

But this type of action is not only carried out by the minors of the royal family.

In April of this year, Queen Letizia and her mother-in-law had problems after leaving an Easter mass in Palma de Mallorca. On that occasion, King Felipe’s wife prevented her mother-in-law from taking a photograph with Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, putting herself between them and the photographer. Felipe tried to control the situation, but to no avail.

In another tense moment between the members of the Spanish royal family, it was when Letizia Ortiz, during the regattas in Palma de Mallorca, she went to support her husband. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, but when she tried to kiss him on the mouth, he backed away, causing her wife’s surprise.

Everywhere beans are cooked

Other moments and circumstances show that things are not so good inside the royal family.

Although Queen Letizia and Queen Emerita Sofia live in La Zarzuela Palace, a kilometer away, the grandmother can barely see her granddaughters. When Queen Letizia and her husband travel, she calls her mother, Paloma Rocasolano, to take care of the girls, something that has hurt Dona Sofia.

This discontent had been recorded in the newspaper El Espanol, when it published demonstrations by Queen Sofia made in Greece: “They almost don’t let me see them. However, Letizia’s mother spends the day there, “he claimed.

Another newspaper, El Pais de Espana, mentioned that the iron discipline that Letizia imposes on her daughters complicates the visits. She apparently thinks that the grandmother’s presence could interfere with Leonor and Sofia’s routine.

In 2015, El Espanol published that Queen Emerita told one of her employees to “tell him when the girls were riding horses to go see them.” When Letizia found out about her, she threatened the collaborator to fire him from her if she reported anything; According to her, she wanted her little ones to “enjoy horse riding in peace.” There is a custom of the emeritus queen that deeply annoys Letizia: Sofia is a fan of anise candies and she always takes them to distribute to her grandchildren. This irritates the wife of Felipe VI, known for her strictness in feeding her daughters. In this sense, in September of last year the newspaper El Mundo published that Queen Letizia had intervened in the menu of her daughters’ school canteen, with the intention of making it healthier. Many parents who have their children in the same place complained, because food prices rose after Letizia’s suggestions. The same newspaper echoed a statement by Queen Emeritus Sofia, impressed to hear her granddaughter Leonor de Ella insist to her sister Sofia de Ella that she had to eat vegetables “because they have antioxidants.”

In relation to food, it has been suggested that Letizia could suffer from anorexia, appearing extremely thin at the public events she attends.

war of sisters in law

Queen Letizia not only has relationship problems with her mother-in-law, but also with her sisters-in-law. The infantas Cristina and Elena, Felipe’s sisters, always rejected her, as did her father-in-law, King Emeritus Juan Carlos.

In 2005, when the baptism of Irene Urdangarin, daughter of Cristina and her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, was going to be celebrated, she asked to host her in-laws in the palace of La Zarzuela. According to Spanish media, Dona Letizia, at the end of her first pregnancy, said that she did not feel well and that her sister-in-law’s in-laws could not stay at her house because she “was not in a position to have visitors”… although the property has 1,800 square meter.

As the saying goes: “everywhere beans are cooked… and in my house, with boilers”.

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