You must know how to manage your resources well so that he never considers you his safe option, so he looks for you and values ​​you. Many times we tend to think that being permanently aware of the couple, with attention, details and signs of love will make him feel attracted to us and hold on, but the truth is that men work totally differently than women, they They are interested in things that represent difficulty to achieve, a challenge.

When your partner begins to feel that I already beat you, stop trying, totally I already beat you and assumes that you will always be by his side, he gradually loses interest in the conquest, you can prevent that from happening. That way you won’t feel so safe and will take much more care not to lose you:


The supply of all those things to which you are very accustomed that apparently you do not value them, because it already becomes a habit, for example, in ancient times, in addition to the fact that everyone had to take care of the dangers of the environment environment, predators, going out in search of their own food, nowadays as soon as they wake up you have breakfast ready for them and their clothes are ironed, they are so used to it that they take it for granted. If necessary you can try to disappear for a while and cut off the entire supply of your company, you can take a course, go on a trip, join some hobby club for women, something to keep you busy, whatever you want to do and let him experience the cut off supply of what you give him, so that he remembers what his life was like without you. In this way, seeing that you are not here,


He must feel in competition with someone else, but since it is obvious that you are not cheating on him, he just needs that feeling of doubt. Otherwise he will not be afraid of losing you if he experiences the certainty that he has you one hundred percent, do you remember a day when you forgot your cell phone and he was trying to contact you all day? Surely he was looking for you desperately. From time to time remember to forget about him, this is not bad if you only do it from time to time, remember when you were just getting to know each other and you acted a bit interesting? when you were slow to respond, when sometimes you gave him long or invented excuses not to see him every time he wanted. Do you remember that he was hesitant and he was afraid that he wouldn’t get you? If it worked then why don’t you do it now? It’s with you and it feels like you’re a sure thing,

It is important that you consider that you are not doing all this just for yourself, you are also doing it for him. Think about what generally drives men crazy? the challenge, all men love the challenge, if you send him messages constantly, if after each argument you ask him for forgiveness, what he thinks is that he has you without making an effort, stepping on the ground from time to time will do him good. When there is no challenge, that does not imply any effort to conquer you, that kills the spark of the relationship. The man needs to experience doubt, he must see you as a challenge every day, that it be very clear to him that your feelings for him are not guaranteed, that he feels that you are a valuable prize that he has to win and above all things once won You have to take care of it very carefully.


Men are completely different from women, for evolutionary reasons they love rules, if you think about sports, games, hobbies that men are passionate about, they all have clear rules, the clearer and more effective the better, when those rules are missing the man He gets confused and the worst of him comes out. In this game you must define who you are, what you value, what are the limits that you do not allow to be crossed, if you are compatible with that man, the more he perceives that you have solid values, rules and limits that cannot be violated, he will feel that you knows and can trust you.

A woman who takes care of herself and truly loves herself, does not allow or forgive being led down the wrong path, that’s why you must base your rules on the values ​​that you really consider essential, otherwise, the relationship conveys the feeling of being a meaningless game, which lacks seriousness and there will be no real commitment between both players. 4. YOU MUST BE CONGRESENT

You have to be firm with your decisions, not give in. If you have the philosophy of life that connection and rest are sacred, but instead every time he talks to you after drinks at dawn, you answer him immediately because you sleep with your cell phone waiting for him to report, then you really don’t You respect him and so he will never be afraid of losing you because you are his safe option, he knows that you will always be there to answer his message. You must be faithful to the principles that you really value, that’s why you set the limits so that if he ever crosses that line he will be afraid of losing you for once. By following these simple steps you can make that man become obsessed with you and take care of you like no one else.

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