A lot of people have this mistaken belief that the more people are spinning around in their life, the luckier they are. It is very likely that this can give you a feeling of “emotional stability” but the reality is that it is quite the opposite, since you only seek to fill the voids that exist in you through people who are not really relevant in your life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of human beings focus on the intangible, on what has already happened or what will happen, but we never think about today, the here and now.

According to a study conducted at Harvard University, all of us have an amazing ability to focus our attention on things that “are not happening”

One of the main rules to have a much fuller and freer life is to be able to eliminate from our lives everything that does not contribute anything positive and that, in addition to that, harms us.


We know that applying this rule of just ignoring can be very difficult for many of us. But you should also consider that it is one of the best methods to achieve that fullness that we are looking for and need so much.

Some people who do not contribute anything in your life, it is necessary to eliminate them. Get rid of them, this will allow you to advance all the ways. According to research published in the journal Livescience, personal relationships that cause us some kind of stress or suffering directly affect our mental health. And this happens because we experience an increase in a substance called cortisol in the blood as well as an increase in blood pressure. Such is the stress that even puts us at risk of severe heart problems.

Learn not to give importance to those people who are not worth it.

And you need to do it as soon as possible. It is easy to identify the people who deserve your interest and those who do not. And you are at the best time to become aware and consider a certain distance from these people. To help you in this process, you should take into account the following. Ignore criticism, just focus your attention on your own interests. Logically there will always be both positive and negative comments about you or what you do. So the first thing you should do is learn to ignore them but in an intelligent way, that is, don’t get upset and much less waste your energy trying to respond to each comment they make to you.

1- Focus on your own goals.It will be the best answer for all those people who had not believed in you. You can show them that you have enough strength to achieve what you are so much of, and what is more important, that you do not need anyone’s approval to achieve it.

2- Never try to change to the next. It is no use concentrating on wanting to change the thoughts and/or ideas of the people around you. But yes, you must learn to be tolerant and also accept that people will not always agree with your opinions, ideas or points of view.

3- Set priorities. If you feel like a stressed or frustrated person, it will be much more difficult for you to recognize your priorities, so you need to relax, and thus reflect on what situations, circumstances and specifically what people have authentic value in your life.

Keep in mind that prioritizing is not just ignoring what hurts us. When we say prioritize, we are actually referring to the idea of ​​reorganizing our lives in order to find our own spaces to be happy. Don’t be afraid of your person, you can’t be afraid to know yourself but deeply.


The freer and lighter you feel, the better. Being much lighter implies, as we told you before: eliminating people who do not contribute anything to your life or who make it more difficult. It is also very necessary that you prioritize your interests and your needs, before the whims of others Sometimes, ignoring is more a matter of emotional health and care and protection of our mental balance than a conscious decision about our way of approaching relationships with certain people. But usually we cannot easily realize that we feed toxic exchanges for that “emotional reward” that will never really come. That is, we sacrifice our well-being for toxic relationships, which do not contribute anything and harm us.

Ignore what is trying to nullify you

Words, acts, comments, gestures… There are situations that, due to their hostility or their toxicity, can be highly detrimental to our mental and emotional health. Also, sometimes the emotional balance may only tip towards the side of our emotional or psychological well-being, and that suffering is just inevitable suffering.

But we have to be able to handle the distances, and give our minds and our bodies the great opportunity to unload and not self-cancel. We can get away from all this if we get to work an inner dialogue, with ourselves, about everything that bothers us as people

Your happiness depends solely and exclusively on you, and ignoring abuse and toxic people is a vital part of it.

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