Surely you have been left with the idea that women fall in love more quickly than men. Of course, with so much romanticism on their part, everything suggests that they are precisely the ones who fall in love more quickly than men, but guess what, when we talk about falling in love, they are the ones who take the lead. If, although it seems hardly credible, a man falls in love in less time than a woman, the difference is that they are more demonstrative, which suggests the opposite.

Many times we get carried away by what we see on television programs, whether in movies, series or whatever, because it is usually there where we are shown that women give up more easily than men. However, if we start to look at the reality of this situation, such a thing does not happen that way, because the studies carried out reveal that the thing happens the other way around.

That women are more expressive is totally true, it is easier for them to say when they are sad, happy or in love. But despite all that, a study claimed that men not only tend to fall in love faster, but also more deeply than women. This study was done by Andrew Galperin and Martie Haselton, researchers at the University of California, who through the department of psychology affirmed that it is real that men fall in love faster and deeper than women.

How long does each one take to fall in love?

We already know that there is a difference in terms of the time of falling in love between a person of one sex and another of the opposite sex, it is even scientifically proven that men and women do not fall in love the same, because they go for the visual part and they for the sensible. In short, this topic has also generated repercussions, arousing some intrigue in the member of the British Psychological Society, Alexander Gordon, who was precisely in charge of preparing a study, through which the answer to this unknown could be reached, which basically It consisted of knowing how long it takes a man and a woman to fall in love with the person they are dating.

Well, after carrying out the study, the results obtained were very striking and even, if you will, unexpected, since more than half of the men who were part of the study, came to admit that only one date was enough to fall completely in love. of the person with whom they had to go out, yes, it was only necessary an approach for them to fall in love. Others even released an even more surprising fact, incredibly one in five men surveyed admitted to having been “crushed” at first sight. On the other hand, when it was the women’s turn, there was also a somewhat strange result, because out of ten respondents, only one admitted to feeling what is normally known as “love at first sight”. Most women have not fallen in love on the second or third date,

After analyzing both situations, Gordon concluded that women, before making a decision, ask themselves a series of questions that have to do with themselves:

“Women are better at reading social situations and are more likely to ask more questions of themselves after meeting someone: how is he going to make me feel safe and will he have to be a good father to my children? ”.

On the other hand, the professor at Rutgers University, Helen Fisher, announced her point of view in relation to this issue, as she argued that this “premature” infatuation of men has more to do with an evolutionary issue; apparently, when they get to know an attractive person, activity increases in the region of the brain, which is mainly associated with visual stimuli. Given this, the teacher mentioned the following:

“For millions of years, man has had to take a good look at a woman and measure her to see if she will give him a healthy child.”

However, when women fall in love, the body reacts differently, because in that case activities occur in three different areas of the brain, areas that are mainly related to memory and recollection, apart from the ability to remember. For that reason alone, it can be said that it takes them longer to fall in love.

Surprised? Many times not everything is what it seems, because the fact that they are more expressive and passionate does not mean that they should fall in love quickly. Therefore, when you have to go out with a woman, do not think that all of a sudden you will bring her to your feet, because for that to happen, first of all you must be quite patient and, of course, in that process you must also convince her that you are a good match for her.

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