You walk through life with your heart turned to nothing, disappointed, cold and thinking that you will never believe in love again. You promise yourself that you will never let someone harm you again as they have done before, you make a divine agreement with your friend loneliness. Of course after all, she will never let you down. You don’t look for more possibilities and start building walls around you to prevent anyone from getting close; You no longer believe that there is a person who can value how great you are, that person who appreciates you and shows that love really exists.

And suddenly and as if by magic, that ideal person arrives for your life to change it completely. Without imagining it, without wanting it, without planning it. And indisputably, it turns everything upside down and creates a great chaos, because step by step it begins to knock down those walls that protected you so much, it scares you so much that the only thing you think about is running away. But something stops you, and you discover that you are impatient to discover this new world for you. You begin to realize that someone changes your reality and makes you see things differently, it is not a coincidence, there are many coincidences together.

It is obvious that at the beginning you have plenty of doubts and you wonder if perhaps it is simply one more person who will hurt you again. Until the negative disappears, because you feel happiness and it is true, any thought becomes positive. And it is that life does not have to be difficult and complicated. It is only us human beings who complicate it. We like to turn our thoughts around, we doubt absolutely everything. There comes that moment when you feel that this is no longer necessary. That everything is easy and simply spectacular, that your heart deserves a chance and you will open it step by step to let that person enter.

You realize that he is the type of person you deserve and would like to always have in your life, because you finally understand that passion is compatible with admiration, humor and love. Because you express yourself, they are there to listen to you, and in front of their eyes you never feel silly because they don’t judge you, because they don’t see you as someone just for a while. Because someone’s company had never made you feel so great, nor did you know that you could have that feeling towards someone. At his side you have the peace and tranquility that you need so much.

You know that there is no place in the world where you can be safer than in his arms. Something as tender as giving him a kiss does not exist, as well as seeing him in the face and telling him how much you love him. You feel that next to her things are easier and more fun. However, although sometimes things get rough, it leads you to fight, and bring out the best version of you, to never give up.

It teaches you to live in the present and say goodbye to the past. It makes your laugh louder and your eyes so bright. It changes your life destroying your fears, embracing your demons and loving your flaws. It touches your soul in a way that heals your heart. Undeniably, it marks a before and after in your life, right there it makes you believe in love again.

This is how, without imagining it, that person arrives; the one we don’t think about, the one we don’t look for, but the one we’ve always been waiting for and we run out of words to express the love we feel. I only know that there are people who, out of nowhere, come, light up your life and make it much better. And he, just him, is one of them.

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