The famous couple “Brangelina” has come to an end, after 12 years of love, six children and a fortune of 500 million dollars. Brad Pitt came into Angelina’s life like May water, restoring the balance longed for by the actress and a home. Until then, Jolie would have starred in different covers of the most controversial for her stormy relationships and the most extravagant practices in terms of sexual matters. Now, Angelina Jolie fails in love again and leaves Pitt at the feet of the horses, defining him as “addicted to substances and a bad father.” The resolution of the divorce and how everything will remain remains to be seen. However, below we review the life of the actress that can clarify some of her behavior in situations of maximum tension.

A troubled childhood

On June 4, 1975, the second daughter of the couple formed by Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand was born in Los Angeles. Angelina came into the world in the bosom of a family of actors, so from a very young age she showed that her destiny was aimed at the world of acting.

Even so, his childhood was not entirely easy. His rebellion and his character led him to suffer from eating problems; In addition, his bad relationship with his father did not help him in these troubled years. His first appearances on the red carpet were marked by his gothic look, as striking as criticized.

Failed marriages and “blood” divorce

Until she met Brad Pitt, Angelina’s love life had been a real Ferris wheel. The actress married the 21-year-old British actor Jonny Lee Miller. A marriage that only lasted three years and that gave way in 2000 to her relationship with him, also played by Billy Bob Thornton.

In May 2000, the actress married the actor, who was nineteen years older than her, at a ceremony in Las Vegas. Their relationship started when they were recording “Pushing Tin”. She fell in love with him and to prove it, she tattooed his name on his left arm. Her relationship with Billy was unusual, not only because of her bizarre sexual practices but also because, to celebrate her first wedding anniversary, she bought the spaces where they would be buried in a Louisiana cemetery. A marriage that ended in 2003 with the controversy arising from the alleged cuts with blood that both had exchanged. Billy Bob himself settled the controversy in a talk with Film and Television students at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles: «Angie came home one day with two of those kits that are used to make necklaces with your grandmother’s photo, or something like that. We were apart a lot because she was away filming Tomb Raider and she thought it would be interesting and romantic if we cut our fingers a little bit with a razor blade, smeared the blood on the medallions and didn’t put them on.” However, after these most torrid experiences, the real reason for the separation was Jolie’s decision to adopt her child in Cambodia without putting Thornton’s name on the papers.

1999: a year of lights and shadows

In 1999, Angelina Jolie experienced a difficult year on a personal level but a successful one in terms of her professional career. While she was divorcing her first husband, the actress was nominated for an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted.

A tape directed by James Mangold in which he shared the leading role with Winona Ryder and the late Brittany Murphy. In 2000 she was recognized by the Film Academy with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Thirteen years later, the actress would pick up an Oscar with Brad Pitt again, but this time in recognition of her humanitarian work.

The crush on Brad Pitt

If 1999 and 2000 were key years for Angelina, 2005 would give a 180º turn to the life of the actress. This year she met her hitherto husband and father of her children. In 2004, Pitt began working with Jolie on the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a shoot that brought the chemistry from the set to real life.

In 2005, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt divorced and months later he began his relationship with Angelina. The couple said “I do” on August 23, 2008 at their Chateau Miraval in French Provence. Accompanied by their six children, the couple took another step in their relationship.

Mastectomy and fight against cancer

In 2013, Angelina Jolie decided to undergo a preventive double mastectomy to avoid cancer. This is how she explained it herself in a column in The New York Times: «A simple blood test revealed that she carried a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. He gave me an estimated 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer. I lost my mother, my grandmother and my aunt from cancer».

A tough decision that united the marriage even more. «Brad made it very clear to me that what he likes and what a true woman represents for him is his intelligence and family dedication, not his physical appearance. With the surgeries he knew that he was on my side, I knew that I would not feel less of a woman because my husband would not let that happen », Angelina explained through tears during an interview on NBC’s Today program.

No one imagined that three years later, the most persecuted and valued romance in Hollywood would come to an end. Source:

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