The mirror does not lie: if the passage of time begins to show its signs, the image we see in it speaks for itself. The first white hairs are gaining prominence on the stage of our lives and although we do not want to assume it, it worries us. Our eyebrows can also take on that characteristic camphorated color that we dislike so much. There are practical solutions so that these annoying white hairs in the eyebrows are not noticed. We tell you the tricks that will help you hide them. If you have found these white hairs, you should know that their appearance is due to the loss of melamine found in the hair fibers. It is an enzyme that produces color in the hair. When this is lost, that white color appears in the hair and eyebrows.

Write down these tricks that will be useful to you.

The makeup on the eyebrows

It is one of the practices preferred by all, because it is useful and easy to achieve. When you have few gray hairs, it is one of the best options. If more work is required when the volume of gray hair is greater, then other methods must be used.

Make up your eyebrows effectively.

Acquire the makeup and the defined brush to make up your eyebrows.

There are two ways to hide them, one is with eyebrow shadows and another is with an appropriate pencil.

Pay attention to the colors. You must look for the tone that most closely resembles that of your eyebrows. So, if you have blondes, redheads or black. You will know how to select a dark color, or if they are brown, the color should be a shade less dark. Carefully comb your eyebrows, so that they are straight and natural contour. If you are going to use the brushes, you will make a line drawing the entire eyebrow and with a brush you will carefully blur the lines until they are correct and look as natural as possible. Keep in mind that you must repaint the gray hair or the area where it is located and blend it until it is not even noticeable.

With the shadows you must do a job of filling in all the small gaps between hairs, trying to make them stay homogeneous. As in the previous case, where the gray hair is, apply more shadow and make the filler treatment. Once the objective is achieved, it is ready.

Whichever method you use on your brows, in order to fix what you’ve finished, apply a bit of colorless mascara.

Eyebrow dyeing: an excellent option

There is a special dye that is only used for eyebrows. If you are going to use it, we recommend doing it when the gray of your eyebrows has a considerable amount.

We tell you how to do it. Get the following ingredients:

Eyebrow tint, cotton (preferably in discs), fine brush or cotton swab, a plastic bowl.

First, carefully clean the skin of your face. You can do it with some neutral facial soap or your usual facial cleansing product. Make sure your face is clear to perform the procedure.

Surround each of your eyebrows with a little petroleum jelly applied with a cotton swab so that it is even. This is done previously to guarantee the absorption of the dye due to its moisturizing properties. Prepare the tincture in the bowl. Stir the products that come for the mixture until they are homogeneous.

Then use a cotton swab or a brush, as you find most comfortable, and place the dye on your eyebrows.

The painting is done first towards the growth of the hairs and then towards the opposite side.

The recommended time to let the dye do its process is about 5 minutes. There are times that the paint box specifies how long you should leave it. Follow those instructions.

Then, remove the product with the cotton moistened with your make-up remover.

Natural remedies that hide gray hair in the eyebrows

For brown eyebrows: tincture of black tea and sage

Both carry extensive pigmenting properties as they have tannins and flavonoids.

To do this you must put them in half a liter of boiled water (two spoons of each). Then place the infusion on each eyebrow with a small cotton.

Wait for this to act on the eyebrows for 10 minutes. Wash the area with warm water so that there are no remains.

For blonde eyebrows: turmeric and chamomile
img src=”” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”853″ class =”aligncenter size-full wp-image-18005″ /> It is known that turmeric and chamomile have important properties that lighten hair and of course also eyebrows.

Have half a tablespoon of turmeric and 4 of chamomile as with any infusion. This should rest on your eyebrows for 5 minutes and to remove it, wash the area with cold water.

In black eyebrows:

Ideal for black eyebrows or those that are shades other than brown. Contrary to the previous plants, these have the ability to pigment your eyebrows, but in dark tones. Combine a teaspoon of rosemary with 4 tablespoons of henna. After application, let it sit there for 20 minutes and remove the product with warm water.

You already know, we have revealed some tricks that you may not have known to hide those annoying gray hairs on your eyebrows. If you liked our recipes, what are you waiting for to practice them?

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