If you are reading this article, it is likely that you may be curious to know which are the areas that men most like to be touched, perhaps you are at some point in your relationship where you need to innovate a little or maybe not. you still have so much experience, but if you are interested in renewing your spectrum of caresses.

We all know that during sexual intercourse, something fundamental to know is where to touch our partner. We women love to be loved, to be pampered and for almost everything to be as we want.

On the other hand, we also want to surprise the man who is being our ally and partner in the sex crusade. It is likely that we already know some areas that he likes and that we can touch to increase the passion. But it never hurts to know which are the formal areas that we should include in our repertoire. So here are the areas men love to be touched before and during sex:

1. Neck.

The neck is a very sensitive area for everyone, so you have to take care of it very carefully. Within the entire neck, the back part, near the nape of the neck, is a part that is very erogenous and also controls the temperature of the body to a great extent. So if you want to increase the passion in your encounter with your partner, we recommend that you start to include caressing this part of the neck.

Another way to include your partner’s neck in the preview is through a loving massage, which relaxes all the tensions that your beau may have. This will put him in a better mood, and he’ll feel like you’re working hard to make the preview wonderful, too.

Finally, at the time of sexual intercourse, caresses and kisses on the neck are very important, you can also play softly biting it, only with your lips or also including your teeth a little. Another option is, for example, with one hand to caress him on one side of the neck and kiss him on the other side.

2. Pene.

Of course the penis had to be included. All women know that men love that we caress their penis and testicles. So don’t hesitate to make good movements with your hand to give her more pleasure.

In addition to pampering the penis, you can also include oral sex. During which one of the most important things is how you move your tongue. One way to do this is to grab the penis with your hand firmly (not too tightly, the idea is not to hurt it) and perform oral sex with your tongue.

As for the testicles, you can make love to them while you perform oral sex on the penis. You can also kiss the testicles and start slowly to include them in oral sex, that is, you can run your tongue over them. And if you are a little more risky, you can try putting one of the testicles in your mouth. All this with due care.

3. Arms.

Although it sounds strange and common to touch the arms, men love it. Although it is not an erogenous zone like the previous ones, the arms are important when it comes to covering all the parts that men love to be touched.

We recommend that you touch his arms very gently and lovingly, although the arms are not exactly delicate, in any case men like you to touch them carefully and conscientiously.

If your boy is one of those who cares about how his arms look, if maybe he goes to the gym or if you find that he has cute, it is a perfect time to give him a compliment and continue caressing him.

4. Back.

The back itself is quite large and you may find that your hands are too small for a man’s back, this is all normal and something that men like.

We recommend that if you are one of those who give massages to release tension, it is a place that you have probably already considered. If you are a girl who is just going to try caressing this place, then we advise you to touch her back with both hands and caress it from top to bottom, see if it is time to include the butt or not. Depending on how hot the moment is.

Keep in mind that this area can be very hot, since it is a sensitive area that can release a lot of sexual adrenaline.

5. Inner thighs.

This area is a bit of a cliche, but stroking the inner thighs, not including parts like the penis or testicles in the first place, will turn him on immediately, as it is an area that is next to one of the most erogenous zones known.

You have the advantage of controlling in a certain way in which the sexual encounter goes, since if you start first only by making love to her thighs, it can be considered as normal love or as a previous one, depending on how you can insinuate it. On the other hand, if you go from the thigh to the penis or the testicle, you will be giving him a clear signal that you are ready for more heated action.

Now that you know the areas that a man enjoys the most, you are totally ready to try what you have not tried, or to examine if you are including all of them in your repertoire. The idea is that you have a tremendously hot sexual intercourse session. And that you not only turn on your man by how you dressed and got ready for the meeting, but also, you know how to turn him on and make him have a great time with you.

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