Both men and women have heard different stories about infidelity. In this regard, we can deduce that infidelity is not related to status, age or gender. I mean, it could happen at any time. It may even be that we ourselves have been involved in certain adventures. According to what scientific studies have determined regarding the age at which men could be more likely to be unfaithful, the answer left us surprised and perhaps it will surprise you too.

From our common sense, we can think that adolescents are the ones who would have the greatest tendency to be more unfaithful, since, as we have all gone through adolescence, we know from experience how easily we can be dominated by hormones. In conjunction with the above, we are generally not able to form very deep relationships, nor to be able to counteract with this what we feel through our hormones. On the other hand, we also have reason to believe that men in their twenties may be the most unfaithful, because they are in the experimentation stage, they may be with a partner and have strong urges to be with several other people, in order to being able to try new things with different people. However, all of the above comes from the beliefs we may have, and it seems that we are not right, when we contrast it with scientific facts. According to researchers from the University of New Hampshire, in the United States, who are experts on the subject, they were able to conclude, through conclusive studies, that the age at which men are most unfaithful is around 55 years. This can be explained because they are trying to find adventure. Compared to women, this same thing happens a little earlier, at the age of 45 years. This can be explained because they are trying to find adventure. Compared to women, this same thing happens a little earlier, at the age of 45 years. This can be explained because they are trying to find adventure. Compared to women, this same thing happens a little earlier, at the age of 45 years.

In both men and women, the stage of development to which this can be related is the famous mid-life crisis. It is the typical age where men buy sports cars or ride fascinating motorcycles, where they look in the mirror and try to dress as if they were younger people, generally they also usually find companions much younger than them and than their previous partner . All of this is a sign of denial about how old they really are and is an expression of their desire to be younger. According to what is proposed in the research, biological factors would intervene, which would be useful to explain why there is a gap of 10 years between the “dangerous” age of women (as already mentioned, it is 45 years) in comparison to that of men.

With regard to biological information, after the age of 40, the reproductive “benefits” of female infidelity are reduced, since her own genetic quality no longer benefits from giving in to the temptation to get involved with her lover.

As for men, around the age of 45, they experience a reduction in sperm quality. Therefore, at age 55 the chances of having a child can decrease much more. Although men produce sperm throughout their lives, it should be noted that the chances of having a child after the age of 55 decrease more and more.

According to what the researchers affirmed, in relation to being able to compare, who obtains a greater satisfaction as a result of having an adventure, we can say that this experience could grant a greater benefit and that these could be more important in the life of a man. , that in the life of a woman.

As we can all deduce, the above is closely linked to the possibility of having children. It should be noted that, according to studies, the majority of people who were unfaithful, aged between 40 and 50 years, regardless of whether they were men or women, stated that the reason why they sought an affair was because they were looking for something that breaks their family and marriage routine. From this investigation, we can rescue another interesting fact. They investigated whether the socioeconomic variable was related to infidelity and discovered that in the case of men, their level does not really matter, since it is a phenomenon that happens at all socioeconomic levels. However, as for women, in the high socioeconomic level, it was found that they are 8% more likely to have an affair, compared to a medium or low socioeconomic level. Where they were not so assiduous to have infidelities.

If at some point there was advice, within certain social contexts, that he was better than the man, he was 10 years older than the woman for marriage. This can be explained by the fact that it makes a lot of sense that both go through the “dangerous” age of being unfaithful, more or less at the same time. In addition, that the midlife crisis, it is also healthy that you can spend it together with the couple, because if they are in the same personal search for youth, it may be that they understand each other much more, compared to when It happens that they are not in the same stage. As for women of high socioeconomic status being 8% more likely to have affairs, this can be explained by the fact that if the woman is more economically independent, it may be that for example he has his own apartment, it is more likely that he will be less afraid that the relationship will not work and he can give himself more pleasures, if he wants. Also, due to her status, she has more chances that men will want to have something with her. So be careful if your husband is around 50!

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