Your sexual life is boring and you have decided to surprise your partner with an unexpected posture. Be careful because, depending on what it is, the surprise can be yours, and it is the most painful.

Practicing sex can be the most fun, but also dangerous. The heat of the moment and the desire to try new positions to brighten up our sexual life can have serious consequences for our health. Be careful: beyond an uncomfortable contracture or the occasional bruise, and although there are few cases, there is the possibility of suffering a penis fracture. According to the experts, it is necessary to control the danger of the angle of penetration as well as the weight that is resting on the penis, but not only that. As Dr. Kat Van Kirk explains in Metro, there are the most common practices that can also put the stability of the erection at risk and lead to that agonizing and painful crunch that translates into a break (on the other hand, repairable via a surgeon) .

If you are not in top form or you do not know the degree of enthusiasm that the person you are going to sleep with has, it is better that you practice these five sexual positions very carefully to keep your virile member safe.

1. Beware of

soft and perky breasts, of different sizes and shapes, they are one of the female physical qualities that most attract men. Their role when it comes to having sex can be very pleasurable: touching them, caressing them, licking them, squeezing them and, why not, using them as a massager to reach orgasm without the need for vaginal or anal penetration. Exactly, what is popularly called a Cuban. “But, surprisingly, breasts can be really dangerous for the penis,” says the expert doctor in sexology. Van Kirk explains that he has seen penile fractures derived from the practice of inserting the virile member between a woman’s breasts and losing control with the movements causing the unpleasant breakage.
2. The woman on top: the cowgirl

A few months ago, an investigation published in Advances in Urology determined that the most dangerous sexual position for men was the one in which the woman rides on him: the cowgirl or cowgirl. In this position all the weight of the female body rests on the male virile member, it can cause the crushing or fracture of her in case she makes an inappropriate sudden movement. “Sometimes there isn’t enough lubrication when a woman sits on the penis, and if there is too much force or friction it can get caught in the pubic bone, where the ligament can bend,” explains Van Kirk. The doctor assures that this outcome is more common than people think. “The problem is basically that each woman’s pubis is a slightly different size,” he says, which translates to,

3. The reverse cowgirl

Whether from the front or from behind (cowgirl in reverse), the position of the cowgirl is the one that carries the most risks. According to Van Kirk, this position in which the woman is on top of the man placed on her back “is even more dangerous than the previous one”. Positioned like this, her movements make the angle of penetration of her penis vary more, tilting it downwards, which can end up in a fracture if we go too far. Although it is seen a lot in porn and the idea of ​​practicing it is often very attractive, he thinks that these people are professionals and know how to maintain their balance and posture without falling forward or backward. Or what is the same, without bending your virile member by mistake.
4. Vigorous masturbation

When the man controls the movements, he has more possibilities to stop their energy if he feels pain in the penis, but if the subject is not in your hands –never better said– things change. In the aforementioned study, although they refused to give more details, some men claimed that they had suffered some collateral damage to their penises by allowing themselves to be masturbated by their partners. The researchers assure that they are the least, but there are cases in which a significant lack of control of the force of the friction that is being carried out with the hands can result in a fracture of the penis.

5. Doggy style

This position in which the man penetrates the woman by inserting his member into the vagina from the back of it – standing behind her – ranks number two in the ranking of the most dangerous positions for penis breakage. “I often come across cases where when trying to enter the vagina through the back door, guys accidentally insert their penis into the woman’s anus,” explains Van Kirk. The problem is that by not being prepared for anal sex there may be little lubrication or greater friction that damages the virile member. But also, it can be a shared pain, and not only in feeling. As Dr. Kristi Latham explains in Vice, “This position is potentially dangerous for women as well, because forced penetration from the wrong angle can cause vaginal tearing.”

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