It is common to hear phrases like: “Men like docile and manipulable women” or “Men don’t like smart girls”. “Professional women are too intimidating to attract good men.” A couple relationship, as its name says, is that they walk side by side, and not that one should take care of the other. Walking that path with someone who transmits strength and security to you, who has self-confidence, someone mature to whom you don’t have to act as a father or mother, is what we all seek.

When choosing a partner, all of a sudden for both men and women, the first thing that catches their attention is the physical. Men can be attracted to physically beautiful women, but the package must have content to keep them interested.

Many times that attraction is diluted when the physical appearance is not accompanied by a good personality. When a woman of strong character appears, those of high self-esteem, independent and intelligent, it is that the attraction for the man becomes true.

An investigation from Bradley University, in Illinois, USA, revealed that women with strong personalities are preferred by the opposite sex. Through this study it was possible to know that men feel incredibly attracted to women of strong character, since they present characteristics such as confidence, security and decision-making power, becoming a source of inspiration for them, and a motivational engine, for which are strongly attached to them.

Men today are looking for someone who does not depend on them economically or sentimentally, due to the fact that an independent woman who achieved everything by herself without the help of anyone, is with them because she really loves him for who he is and not for an interest

Women who lack character are followers instead of leaders, they are jealous, so they live pending their partners, they feel envy for what they spend criticizing instead of taking care of them, they have low self-esteem “, they give an image of “desperate” and make man responsible for all things. They are always available to the call of the man they like. Doing automatically lowers his interest because he tires them that they are in the shadow of him all the time.

On the contrary, what does arouse their interest and attracts them a lot is their security and that they know their value well, so they take better care of them. They do not feel jealous because they are sure enough of themselves to know who to dedicate their time to and who not to, what is worth it and what is not. If they commit to someone they do it fully and expect the same in return. They don’t play games.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, if what she does with her attitudes is to show a man that she wants him close or that she cannot live without him, they end up becoming possessive. They suffocate his partner, so he ends up running away from them.

Anyone who has dated strong women knows that it is a sobering experience, because being with someone who is so practical and determined gives them positivity.

With them everything is direct. If there is a problem or something that bothers him, you will find out because he expresses it and wants you to do it too. They don’t like turns, they want solutions and men don’t like to be playing fortune tellers.

Another thing they like about these women is that they are good communicators, and they like that communication to be simple and concrete, they are so sure that a few text messages are enough, they don’t need to be texted all the time because they understand that just as she has her occupations, the man also has his.

Going out with a strong woman is having a propulsion engine, because she brings out the best version of him, he feels infected by her ambitious nature, boredom with her does not exist. He is always on the go, and as much as he is the one who makes the plans, she will always be contributing some idea to give it her personal touch.

They choose them for a life project, not to hang out, because motivated by them they can make short and long-term plans, set goals, dreams and expectations for the future. The best feeling is one in which you know that the person you chose to have by your side shares your ambitions and also strives for them.

If you are a woman who has these characteristics, loves herself, knows what she wants, takes on challenges and does not let herself be intimidated by anything, surely you will have more than one behind you. Many may not approach you out of fear, but time will let them know that it is worth having you in their life.

So you should also look for a safe and independent man, you are not going to have to act as a mother, or as a babysitter when he is not your son.

Men are fascinated that women live the life they want to live, that they are free and do not need the approval of others. They have their own interests, tastes and passions. That they can have different ideas to be able to debate, that they have decision-making capacity so that together they can make the relationship work.

So if your question is what type of women most men prefer, I hope this article has served you as an answer with all the fundamentals that we present to you.

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