In general, it seems logical to think that people who are mentally strong could be immune to toxic people. Because we assume that they can stand up for themselves when they need to, that they can tell immediately when they are being manipulated, and that they can get away from others at will, right?

However, we are sorry to tell you that mentally strong people are just as susceptible to toxic people as everyone else. And in fact, they are attracted to them more than other people.

Mentally strong people are characterized by some incredible personality traits. So much so, that toxic people often seek them out, due to their kindness, compassion, and laid-back nature. They are also often sought after for wanting to be part of their group of friends, for their influence and social power. It is normal that toxic people, since they do not have great potential, can look for mentally strong people. Next, we will present four reasons that explain why mentally strong people are more attracted to toxic people.

1. They are an open book

One of the main characteristics of people who are mentally strong is that they are really honest. In general, they feel comfortable with the truths they have to say about their feelings or opinions about others and they know how to handle the situation in order to say them appropriately.

This trait often has the drawback of attracting toxic people. Why? Because in general, honest people are much easier to understand. A toxic person can easily tell how the person who opens up and says their feelings, thoughts, actions, etc. is feeling. so toxic people could use this knowledge to manipulate the person who is mentally strong.

2. They have a positive view of the world

Another characteristic of people who are mentally strong is that they look more at the positive aspects, instead of the negative. They can choose to see the good in life, this is a rare feature today in society, where the majority tends to see “the glass half empty”.

Unfortunately, toxic people can use this trait to take advantage of mentally strong people longer. What? Because the person who is mentally strong will tend to see the best in the toxic person, will have compassion and may even defend their behavior. Toxic people know that they can get more from mentally strong people, compared to other people, who probably have no patience for them, and push them away almost immediately. This allows them to use the trait of seeing the best in people to their advantage.

3. They are calm

Mentally strong people tend to have good control over their emotions. Generally, they have their life quite resolved, and they trust themselves, which allows them to let go and flow. They also have a high tolerance for difficult situations, which allows them not to get angry as easily and spend more time in a relaxed and happy mood.

As can be seen so far, being a mentally strong person is a very privileged way of being.

These people attract toxic people, since a person who is calm tends to be much easier to manipulate, because they remain calm, are not worried about any mishap and are probably not alert to deception or problems that may happen. . In addition, if they suspect something, they will probably say it directly, this will give toxic people the opportunity to convince mentally strong people to do what is needed, according to their already thought plans.

4. They are generous with their time

Strong people, because of their social skills, make the best shoulders to cry on. They are always willing to listen and comfort others in their time of need. In addition, almost always, they have good advice to give, because of their wisdom to face life. This disposition towards others is a green light for toxic people, because when they want to manipulate, they often take advantage of kind and compassionate people, because they are the only ones who will listen to them, empathize with them and probably leave them. get away with it. In addition, in general they are leaders in the social groups they have with other people, so it is convenient for them to have them on their side, so that they can do what toxic people need and can share the power that social status gives.

During the article, you may have been exposed in a very negative way to toxic people. The reality is that they do not always know that they are toxic and so on, many times they have no idea that with their behavior they can hurt others. They are simply concerned for their own well-being.

It is also common that mentally strong people do not know that they are and are not aware of the dangers to which they may be exposed by being in the company of a toxic person. Which may be just around the corner.

The reality is that we are all human, and we live in a world where we are tremendously vulnerable. If you think you may be in danger by attracting toxic people into your life, regardless of whether or not you think you are a strong-minded person, you should be on the lookout for red flags like the ones just described.

If you are a strong-minded person, then you have no reason to stop shining your light when you come across toxic people, you should not be willing to let yourself be trampled by toxic people, or by any other person.

You just have to learn to see the signs before, so you can take the necessary measures and manage to protect yourself. Once the toxic person manages to get close to you, it is much more difficult to get him to move away. Especially if he finds in you the qualities we have just named. So, work it out by staying away from her, or be direct about what’s wrong with you, if you notice that she’s wreaking havoc on you and sucking all your energy. Give the toxic person a chance to immediately correct her actions.

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