Did you know that sleeping naked has positive effects from losing weight to even taking care of your economy?

Influences physical and emotional health. These benefits are known thanks to different studies carried out by experts in sleep research, where they maintain that resting without clothes has health advantages.

Sleeping without clothes allows you to improve the quality of sleep, since having to wake up at dawn and get rid of the extra clothes you bring because it made you hot is an act that interrupts sleep.

As we said in the previous paragraph, sleeping with clothes makes us hot, the warm environment that is generated favors the multiplication of bacteria and consequently increases the risk of infections, and the sweat that remains on the sheets can also cause skin problems such as the acne. By sleeping naked you give your skin the opportunity to breathe, you will help circulation and keep your skin healthier, as for your intimate parts they will be fresher and you will avoid infections, since it is usually an area where the heat makes the his.

Would you believe me if I told you that it also loses weight? Yes! lose weight! According to experts, sleeping naked helps to burn calories more quickly, since being cooler lowers cortisol levels during sleep, this reduction results in greater and better rest, reducing the level of stress and therefore anxiety which decreases the desire that you want to eat excessively and continuously, becoming more aware of the unnecessary calories we consume.

According to the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute, there are certain types of insomnia that are related to poor regulation of body temperature, this can not only affect sleep cycles, but can also prevent you from falling into deep sleep. .

Experts in sleep studies agree that the ideal temperature to fall asleep is around half a degree less, so they suggest not covering up so much in order to reach that half a degree necessary so that the brain can send the order to regulate the temperature to the blood vessels.

Even in winter it is suggested that this practice be continued, experts recommend using a hot water bottle instead of putting on stockings that prevent heat from escaping and the temperature can be regulated naturally.

As for sleeping naked as a couple, they have even more advantages, because when skin-to-skin contact with your partner occurs, the hormone oxytocin known as the hormone of love is released and that increases desire.

In fact, sleeping naked is a good strategy for people who have body image problems, expresses sex therapist Denise Knowels, since those casual contacts that occur at night can help you have new sexual experiences and many more new sensations together. to your partner Needless to say, sex improves your health conditions. In addition to the sexual connection, another type of connection is created. According to a study, 57% of couples who sleep without clothes say they are happier, while only 48% of couples who sleep in pajamas say they have a satisfactory relationship. Although the results are not conclusive, scientists attribute this difference to the production of the hormone oxytocin, as we have said before, and it also increases trust in the couple.

Most of the people who are used to wearing pajamas have the habit of coming home and putting on their pajamas, this act over time can make them become isolated people since they usually reject invitations to go out using the excuse that they are already in sleepwear. This makes them boring and conformist who, by not leaving their comfort zone, miss out on fun social experiences.

Spending more time naked makes you feel more confident and increases your self-esteem, since being in contact with the sheets will make you feel more sensual. When you are comfortable with your body you act with more confidence; This makes you a happier and more attractive person to other people. Heat causes a drop in testosterone production. Sleeping without clothes has a positive effect on men’s sperm because the body is responsible for obtaining the correct temperature to keep the sperm in good condition, explains urologist Brian Steixner. Scientific data supports the theory that men who sleep naked have a higher level of fertility because they enjoy better quality sperm.

Another health benefit is the reduction in the chances of having diabetes. According to the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, this probability decreases because sleeping in a cooler environment causes people to have greater stability of blood sugar levels and better sensitivity to insulin.

Economically you will spend less money since you will not have to buy pajamas and you will wash less clothes.

If you are one of those who already have the habit of sleeping naked, either for comfort, personal mania or whatever the reason, now you know about the multiple positive effects that you are contributing to your health.

And if you are one of those who still wear pajamas, what are you waiting for? Science never tires of demonstrating how beneficial this practice is on a physical and mental level. So don’t wait any longer, start enjoying these benefits tonight.

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