In the world of relationships, there is something for everyone.

The one posed by this wealthy man is very striking, but maybe he will find the “love of his life”… or whatever he is looking for.


Sir Benjamin Slade is a 72-year-old British multimillionaire, related to royalty (he descends from Charles II and is the 7th Baronet, having inherited the title in 1962) and possessor of an enormous fortune, amassed in countless businesses throughout the years. his life.

This man has generated an interesting controversy with his marriage proposal, widely known after his visit to the television program Good Morning Britain.

Slade revealed that he is looking for a woman to marry. The man claims that she will share all her money and her love for the rest of her life.


The septuagenarian explained that he no longer wishes to be alone, especially considering his advanced age. He wishes to meet the love of his life before the end of his life.

But that is not all.

Slade’s high standard of living means that the woman who accepts his proposal will have access to all the trips she wants, to the strangest places she can imagine. “I want to take you to exotic places (…) I love magnificent foods and I like to enjoy secret vacations. So that’s my pitch to sell myself,” said the aristocrat, looking at the camera. Credit cards will be unlimited and he will have a “wife salary”

The man also has his requirements, of course. The suitor must be between 30 and 40 years old, with a height of 1.65 centimeters. There are two quite unique requests: to have a license to use weapons and to know how to fly a helicopter, although he clarified that under these conditions he could be a bit flexible, since “you can learn to handle a weapon in six weeks,” he stated in an interview given to TheSun.

Regarding the helicopter licence, he has an explanation: “I need someone to take me to Devon and Cornwall for lunch and I can’t deal with the traffic”.

The applicant must also not be a Scorpio, because they are “a nightmare”, nor be from a country that begins with the letter “I” or have a green flag. However, she will make an exception for North Indian and Italian women, because they are “so good looking” there.

As for eye color, they prefer light blue or brown.

In addition, she must be willing to live in a huge 13th century castle, called Maunsel House, located in the town of North Petherton, England. This stately residence has 14 rooms and is rented out for luxurious weddings and events.

The candidate will earn points if she is an executive, since she can also manage her husband’s fortune. “Two for one”, assured the millionaire.

The billionaire is also looking for a child, so his future wife must be willing to give him one: “I have many fabulous girlfriends, but they are over 50 years old and do not want or cannot have more children,” the billionaire told a British magazine. Also, because of his age they no longer allow him to adopt.

In the past, the man was married to Pauline Myburgh for about 10 years, but they divorced, claiming that their 17 cats were an impediment to the marriage. He later had an affair with Fiona Aitken, the Earl of Carnarvon’s second wife, but the couple ended in a bitter battle before the High Court over custody of her beloved dog. He also established a relationship with Kirsten Hughes. His last engagement was to Bridget Convey, but the relationship failed because he was too old to give her an heir.

In this aspect, he has everything in mind: he is also looking for a “young man” to help him raise his son for when he is not there.


The unusual proposal of this British tycoon has caught the attention of many women from all over the world, who have begun to apply for the millionaire’s Facebook.

“In love there is no age and money does not matter, the most important thing is feelings and affection, that person is loved… the most important thing is happiness,” wrote one of them.

Posted by Sir Benjamin Slade on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Olga Zaracho was also added to the list of suitors: “Hello, Mr. Ben Slade, my name is Olga, I’m from Argentina, I saw your ad on Facebook, I’m interested and willing to have the children you want, I’m fertile.”

A Colombian, Andrea, years old, also applied, as a “funny woman” and offers not only to give her a child, but “as many as you want.” Also a Venezuelan and a Chilean have signed up on Facebook, although it is not known if they have received any response from the British millionaire.

Time will tell

In 2007, Sir Benjamin thought he had found his heir by meeting rock star Isaac Slade, lead singer and pianist of the rock band The Fray, but the musician told him that he was too busy with his music career, so it was difficult for him to deal with managing his estate.

The billionaire has frozen his sperm and still hopes to have a child so that someone can manage his Woodlands Castle mansion and Maunsel House, which was built in 1772 and his place of residence since 1978. His wealth comes mainly from his successful company Shirlstar Container Transport Limited, a leader in maritime transport, although it has also been able to take advantage of its skills as a stockbroker.

Will this eccentric billionaire succeed in his search?

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