Bipolar disorder is considered a psychiatric illness that affects emotions, according to statistics there are more than 140 million people who suffer from bipolarity worldwide. But what do they certainly call bipolarity; It is considered that a person suffers from this disorder, if throughout his life he has manifested an alternation between periods in which his mood has been depressive and others of euphoria. But until here, it is possible that we all suffer from bipolar disorder. Let us know its characteristics and the care that we must take into account in the person with said disorder.

Who really is bipolar?
We must take into account the symptoms of this disorder to be able to identify the person who suffers from it, they are alternate states of mind, although they go through a sensation of unsuspected energy, rarely at the moment they could go through a tremendous discouragement, all this is accompanied by sudden changes that influence the life of the person, this occurs according to the phases in which the disease is found, for example: · There is a manic episode: this mostly begins with a pleasant feeling where there is an explosion of energy, creativity and improvement social skills, this takes about a week.

· Hypomanic episode: it is a milder form than mania, with similar symptoms, but less serious, the person feels better and more productive, this often leads the person to abandon their medication, but it is important to be careful because this episode usually end in mania or depression.

· Depression: the symptoms are present for at least two weeks, the person feels sad, depressed, melancholic, loses interest in the things they usually enjoy, has trouble sleeping, loses their appetite.

· Mixed episode: The most debilitating episodes are those that include symptoms of mania and depression at the same time. They feel irritable, as in mania and at the same time sad.

Can I fall in love with a person with bipolar disorder?

Everyone has the right to experience love, falling in love is frequent during the manic and hypomanic phases, this is because falling in love has many points in common with hypomania, because falling in love causes difficulties in falling asleep, anxiety, changes mood swings, obsessive ideas, etc. Based on this premise, we believe that anyone with bipolar disorder can maintain a love relationship. It is also good to take into account the role or function of the partner, which is essential in this type of relationship.

In the first place, the dialogue between the two is very important and, above all, sincerity, presenting themselves as they are, and as they are without hiding a single detail, the person who agrees to be your partner has the right to know what they will be facing in your day to day, and above all you must be prepared for any situation that arises. The couple will fulfill a very important mission in the acceptance and control of the disease, this person must understand that many of the reactions are involuntary, since her behavior is the consequence of a mental disorder.

What will my intimate life be like if my partner suffers from bipolar disorder?

It is normal for you to ask yourself certain questions when you are in a relationship with a person who suffers from bipolar disorder, the sexual area is always a difficult subject to approach, but it is very necessary to be able to know everything about it. Your partner will also present high and low levels in that area, because in the hypomanic and manic phases there will be an increase in sexual appetite, which we call hypersexuality, this can lead the person to behaviors that are not their own, such as infidelity or changes in sexual tastes. Bipolar disorder leads to disinhibition and sexual promiscuity during the manic phase. But this tends to disappear completely in the depressive phase.

There is a main neurotransmitter that is related to the activation of the sexual response, this neurotransmitter is dopamine, in the hypomanic and manic phases there is an increase in said neurotransmitter in the pleasure center, which determines an increase in the sexual response and the activation. The decrease in dopamine supposes a blockage of the sexual response.

If in the relationship both suffer from bipolarity

It is good to be able to emphasize that the assistance of a professional in these cases is of vital importance, it would be the professional who would be creating with you new strategies that help advance the relationship.

As in any normal relationship, and it would even be good for them to see their relationship as a normal relationship, in fact always attending to possible relapses, or episodes that they already handle from experience, they should always bring everything to common agreement and dialogue, this many Sometimes it could become a bit complicated, but not impossible, we always find a light of hope on the path that we have to travel.

An important fact

It is also very necessary to take into account that psychomotor arousal is an activity that manifests itself in this type of person in an overwhelming way, but at the same time without meaning, many times for him it has a meaning that he attributes to a game. The person who suffers from bipolar disorder does many things, but these often do not have a specific purpose. It has resistance to fatigue, but stays cool and agile with short rest. During this phase, the bipolar person has accelerated thinking, there is no connection, thus giving rise to a feeling that there is a lack of coherence in the very course of their thinking. Sometimes delusions of grandeur may arise.

When an alteration occurs in the bipolar person, it must be serious enough to cause a deterioration in socio-occupational activities or to require hospitalization.

So we can say that living with a person with bipolar disorder is not an easy task, neither for their partner, family, nor friends. But it is no less complicated for those who suffer from it, that cyclical change in the state of mind of the person who suffers it, which abruptly keeps him from a state of euphoria to another depressive, makes everyone around him not only live more aware of him, but also commits the direct environment to manage different strategies for daily living.

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