The remembered Lady Di, suffered a real torment throughout her marriage to Prince Charles of England.

A new and explosive recording has recently come to light in a publication of the British tabloid Daily Mail. In it, Lady Di admits an unexpected, unusual fact. She tells that she threw herself down the stairs when she was in her fourth month of pregnancy; she was waiting for Prince William, her firstborn.

It was the year 1991, at Kensington Palace, Diana was preparing to conduct a series of secret interviews that would be recorded with her permission by a friend, on behalf of the journalist Andrew Morton. In the same Diana was about to tell her version of her events, her life surrounded by palace intrigues, her bitter marriage and her cruel divorce.

These recordings were used in a book published in 1992, although at that time it was not disclosed that it was she herself who had provided the information. This only became known years later and then, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of her death, NatGeo premiered the documentary with those controversial audios.

“When I was four months pregnant, I threw myself downstairs trying to get my husband’s attention, who didn’t even listen to me,” Diana explained in one of the audios.

Sadness, anguish and loneliness made her decide something so radical that she put two lives at risk.

According to the audio, Diana did it to get the attention of her indifferent husband, who never listened to her and was not aware of her state of depression. “When I was four months pregnant, I threw myself down the stairs trying to get my husband’s attention, who didn’t even listen to me,” Diana admitted in one of the audios.

“I wanted to call Carlos’ attention, so that he would listen to me. I told him I was desperate and he told me that he was crying hysterically and that he wasn’t going to listen to me. He told me: ‘You always do the same to me. I’m going home’. So I threw myself down the stairs”; After this heartbreaking scene, the princess decided to make an attempt on her life and that of her son, the heir to the royal throne.

Another of the princess’s revealing statements was that she tried to commit suicide many times.

The news about the event of the stairs reached the press of the time, it was reported that Diana had fallen on the stairs, rolling downhill. But on the recordings, when she is asked if that was indeed the case, she denies it and admits that she shot herself.

Carlos would not have paid any attention to her when she desperately told him how sick she felt and would even have left the house leaving her once again alone. It should be remembered that Lady Di suffered from bulimia for most of her short life and these symptoms only worsened due to the severe depression triggered by her first pregnancy.

the frightened queen

“The queen came, absolutely horrified and shaking, scared. I knew she wasn’t going to lose the baby, even if she punched me in the stomach. He’s gone,” admitted the princess.

The arrival in the world of Prince William in 1982 and, after a little more than two years that of Prince Harry, put an end to a story of love, heartbreak, pain and infidelity between Diana and Carlos.

The recording that, as we said above, is part of a compendium of explosive confessions that Princess Diana voluntarily made to the journalist Andrew Morton with the unwavering condition that it be kept secret that she herself had provided this sensitive information.

Time passed, Diana died tragically at the age of 36, and the journalist has taken the opportunity to reissue his book ‘Diana, her true story’, a controversial book that sheds light on the intimacies of the lousy union between the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Diana. “It wouldn’t have occurred to me to reveal her tapes if she hadn’t died,” he explained during an interview with The Independent newspaper.

There are a total of approximately seven hours of recorded talks between the journalist and the princess, in which topics of all kinds are discussed, some of the darkest and murkiest secrets of the royal marriage and the most controversial in history are elucidated. The same material has been used to make a documentary, “Diana in the first person”. Recently premiered on the National Geographic signal.

In the controversial recordings in which Lady Di narrates the episode with the stairs during her pregnancy, the first years of her marriage to Carlos are also crudely described, years in which the princess struggled against bulimia, depression, isolation and loneliness, anxiety of feeling trapped with a man who clearly did not love her and persecuted by the paparazzi and also the issue of her husband’s betrayal with his eternal lover Camila Parker (current wife of Carlos).

“One minute she was nobody and the next minute she was the Princess of Wales, a plaything for the media, for members of this family or whoever. She felt alone and lost (…) nobody listened to me, absolutely nobody ”, Diana crudely recounts during the interview.

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