If you are looking for a partner or if you are already in one, you have probably noticed a great little detail: it is difficult to understand men.

Fortunately, we can tell you some points that will help you achieve it.

behind the wall

The first thing that can be disconcerting is that men are so, so cold. It seems that nothing affects them.

There is something interesting about it and it is something that will be very useful for you to know: that is just an image, a facade.

They feel the same as us, but as they get older they are taught to be strong and hide their feelings.

“Men don’t cry” is the slogan.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Sweden’s Lund University, men understand that they become stronger if they hide their feelings. They feel that they are able to face problems head-on and without fear.


Another important aspect to understand men is knowing how they deal with problems.

The situation is simple: when they see a problem, they want to fix it quickly. Therefore, when you tell him about a topic, he will tell you what to do, but not because he intends to interfere (as you may think) but because it is his natural way of acting. It may be that you tell him just because you want to inform him, but he will mentally search for the solution and tell you. You want to analyze, solve. He is more direct, you will want to analyze the subject.


Although it may surprise you, men seek, at certain times, solitude. It’s not that they feel bad or angry, they just need it.

This can become more noticeable with age and they tend to withdraw a bit from people and start a solitary life, even if they live with close relatives.

onlookers and aggressive

Perhaps one of the most annoying things (and the source of many arguments) is when you go with him, an attractive girl walks by and he turns to look at her.

In reality, it is an unconscious response, due to the accumulation of testosterone and most likely, after a few seconds, he has already forgotten what he saw.

The outbursts of impulsiveness and even aggressiveness that some show are not at all nice either. They can also be explained by the education received and the little guidance they have had to show their emotions: what they feel appears as an aggression, since it is an active form and avoids the feeling of helplessness they experience. It is perfectly possible to achieve a true emotional re-education to avoid these annoying outbursts.

anxiety and competition

Men like things clear and therefore, if they feel that a relationship is not well defined or the roles are not perfectly determined, they can expose themselves to anxiety. It not only happens in the couple, but also in the work environment.

They also show a very marked competitive streak, usually the result of their education (the strongest wins, the best wins). That’s why they like so much action video games and sports with more confrontation.

This competitiveness can decrease over the years, because at that time stability is more valued.

One thing at a time

If he is doing something, it is probable that he is not attending to something else: that is what an average man is like. The category of “doing something” is very broad, since it includes work, reading, working, watching a game, the news or a movie. For this reason, if you want to deal with a really important topic, it is better to wait for him to finish or, even better, to make it clear that you want to touch on an important topic with him and that he pays attention to you (turning off the television can be a smart thing).

At the time of dealing with the matter, go to the matter: do not give many turns or explanations and keep in mind that he will seek to give you a solution. If it’s not what you want, explain it. If you just want to report it, tell him. If you are going to want his opinion and his point of view, say so at the beginning.

Remember: you are not talking to a friend, with whom they will go around a point many times. He will get to the heart of the matter quickly. Don’t give details, just the important point: the is lost when too many elements are added.

Indirect? Do not

While men can be very clever and resourceful in other ways, they usually have one big flaw: they are almost immune to hints.

Do you want to go to the movies with him? Tell him. You want to go to dinner? Tell him. Do not start going around with “you saw that they are showing such a movie” or “how nice it would be to eat such a thing”. Do not expect him to understand your intention, he simply tells him and he will be happy to please you… the thing is that sometimes he does not realize it.

In the garments, they don’t even notice

The vast majority of men pay little (or no) attention to the clothes you wear. Upon meeting a woman, they will not remember what she was wearing or what accessories she was wearing.

If they are in a relationship, the trend will continue and they will not understand why they have to buy clothes.

As for their personal appearance, although now they take care of themselves a little more, it is common for them to cling to certain clothes that are like a charm for them: an old-fashioned jean or a 10-year-old T-shirt that “is like new”.

Of course, these are generalizations and may not apply to that man you like or the partner you already have.

The best way to get to know him is, as we always say, to talk, discuss and exchange opinions.

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