If you already know his way of being and still decide to take a risk, then you must take control of the situation to turn it in your favor.

Falling in love with a womanizing man will not be easy, because he constantly changes partners, is always surrounded by willing women and is constantly involved in episodes of infidelity. They say that normally womanizing men never change. However, this is not one hundred percent true, we all have the time to fall madly in love and the womanizing man is not exempt from this. These guys do change, but only if they sincerely fall in love and if they consider that the woman they found is the right one.

Womanizing men catch many women like a magnet and some say it is because they have high self-esteem. These guys are skilled at seducing so if you are thinking of making a man of this type fall in love with you, we warn you that it will not be easy at all. But although it is quite hard to believe, this man is capable of delivering his love to a single woman with the same intensity as any other, it is only a matter of knowing how to make a womanizer man fall in love and become that girl indicated for his heart. . The problem will be in the confidence and the difficulty for him to lose the habit of wandering. Learning how to make a hummingbird fall in love will be simple compared to the task of keeping it calm.

1. The first step is to let him know that you are interested, but don’t overdo it, as a woman you handle the subtleties at an expert level and you will know how to measure the right dose of what you should give him, don’t get distracted, you just need a small signal and the rest of the job he will do when decoding you, it can be a courteous greeting or a smile. That will be enough for me to imagine that you might be somewhat interested.

2. Always show the best of yourself and of your life, and when he approaches you to greet you, do it courteously and quickly mention some important activity that you should do and, if you don’t have it, you invent it, behave as if time were worth gold but without neglecting it , just to give you the air of interesting and difficult. Take care of your expressions when you speak, your hair, makeup, perfume and the clothes you wear when you go on a conquest plan. These guys are usually very visual and I assure you that they will notice every little detail. 3. Dress a little provocative but without exaggerating vulgarly as if that were your job, you know, leave the neckline a little loose, let something of your legs show when you cross them when you sit down,

4. Be courteous to him and recognize his chivalry, always thank him if he did you a favor or some courtesy, in the first place because that positions you in the place of a lady rather than a simple woman, apart from that this is a favorable key since they love to be the protectors and knights.

5. This point is very important and defines if you really really want it or just to hang out. In this test you must be strong and patient, you may think that everything is going great but always remember and keep in mind that many women have passed through his life and one of them could return any day and distract him. These guys always leave available women in their past. It is not about being permissive and letting him mess with whoever he wants, but be aware that nobody changes overnight, this takes time. 6. You have to be mysterious. Always keep something to yourself, don’t tell him everything about your life, only what is relevant. Do not abandon anything for him either, you must continue with your activities and not leave him, he must understand that you have an interesting and busy life, not everything is about him.

7. If you happen to have an appointment, stay alert, like a feline you must be careful where you step, do not let it touch more than necessary for any reason, you can give it the occasional kiss but nothing more. For nothing in the world do you sleep with him, if you get to bed all the previous work will be lost.

If you date a womanizing man this is what you should do

8. When they talk it will be your turn to end the conversation, that way you leave him wanting more and you will make him want to continue talking to you. A good strategy is to leave a pending topic to continue it later or that you stay without answering some of their questions.

9. Put a limit on the time you spend with him. If you go out alone and when you feel that you are in the best moment, tell him like Cinderella “I have to go” then you will leave him thinking about you all night. But be careful with this too, lest you abandon him during dinner or halfway through the movie at the theater. 10. If he calls you another day early, do not answer immediately, neither the calls nor the messages, let at least two to three hours pass, they like to hunt and remember that for them you are the prey. The scarce usually likes more.

Keep him in love but always, don’t lose control of the situation, always keep him on the tightrope. Do not forget that while they are in love they will forget about other women, the problem is when the infatuation ends, they could go back to looking for fun as they did before.

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