The caresses that occur in a couple relationship can give us a lot of information about the type of dynamic that is experienced, we can know when we are really loved, when it is a conditional love or even knowing that the couple is betraying us. Many times caresses can go unnoticed if we are not interested in their intention and meaning, just as kisses can express the love and passion they feel for each other, hugs are important too, and all caresses can be analyzed. When we receive a caress with love, at the moment they give us that gesture we feel as if time stopped for an instant, we feel that everything is going well, we can feel the heartbeat of the other person and their breathing also transmits something to us.

Caresses can have a very different meaning depending on the context and the sensation that it gives us at the moment of receiving it, that reveals the true intention.

Caresses made by a man who is cheating on you:


You can feel that it is a cold caress, then there are no feelings of love involved, it is rather a possessive act, it can occur in situations where he only takes you to show that you belong to him, when they are in situations of exposure to other people.


When a man touches your hair it can have many meanings depending on the context in which the situation is, when he runs his finger through your hair it is like a game of coquetry, to get your attention, also in moments of intimacy caresses in the hair they acquire a very sensual meaning.

When someone wants to have a loving gesture with you but not feel involved, any touch with your skin can be considered more intimate, so they decide to touch your hair. When you don’t have a pleasant sensation when he touches you, that you feel like a chill, it may be that he touches you for a simple commitment, for doing something and he doesn’t feel a connection with you.


Kisses on the forehead are seen as a very tender gesture of love, it symbolizes tenderness, commitment, the desire to care for that person, it usually occurs in already established couples, along with other caresses.

When a man gives a kiss on the forehead and there are no other signs of love, it can be a gesture to avoid the intimacy of kissing his lips, there is nothing wrong if he also kisses you on the mouth from time to time, but if not He doesn’t, but instead just kisses you on the forehead, he’s clearly avoiding feeling committed to you.


Hugs are a very warm caress, they make us feel supported by the support of that person, it is a protective gesture, but it has to meet certain requirements, such as the fact that you feel something pleasant, that the person transmits to you affection also with the look. If he hugs you from behind you can feel the person very close, his breathing can give you an idea of ​​his state of mind, when you feel that he is calm it means that that is what you make him feel, he enjoys your company and he loves having you close.

On the other hand, when the person hugs you from the side and his face turns to the left, it is like a way to avoid your gaze, it may also be that he is trying to hide a lie from you, so he tries to get closer to gain your trust but does not allow him to do so. look into the eyes because the look is something that can more easily reveal our intention.


relationships are the act in which we can connect more deeply with the other, in an almost spiritual way when we do it with love, but there are also people who only have relationships to satisfy themselves and do not care about the love of the other .

The most important of all caresses is how they make you feel, and when a man withdraws immediately after having intimate relations, how does he make you feel? That’s what he feels for you, think of him only. Source:

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