We have all heard about Carolina Herrera or maybe we have something with said brand, this is one of the most prestigious names in the fashion industry and is mainly characterized by good taste, in addition to everything carrying a touch of femininity, which that makes every detail well taken care of and in a state of perfection. Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan designer, founder of her own empire in 1981, internationally recognized and possessing an enviable career, worthy of respect and admiration, especially in the world of fashion. To celebrate nothing more and less than her 35 years in the world of catwalks and fashion, Carolina Herrera published her book that bears the same name, adding ¨35 years of fashion¨. In this book she decided to write what all these years of her career have been, from its beginnings to the prestige it enjoys recently. In addition, he has included some of his designs that have left their mark and that are precisely the ones that made his firm become so famous and recognized worldwide. Carolina Herrara is a woman who is characterized by a simple but very elegant style. Throughout her career she has been faithful to designs that are according to her age and that is precisely what she criticizes in other women, since she assures that in order to hide their age, women wear what actually favors them very little and does highlight their years even more, in addition, said clothing is not appropriate for their age. She actually posted the following: “Halloween parties are for costumes. Sometimes I think that some women open their closet and wonder what is the ugliest thing they have and that is precisely what they end up wearing. Carolina, she has appeared in many magazines and is considered one of the most elegant women in the world. She assures that wearing a good dress and heels can make women feel safe and powerful. “Fashion does not simply imply seasonal or designer outfits, fashion goes far beyond beauty, it is the way you wear each garment and make it look,” says Herrera.

“There is nothing that ages more than dressing young. I don’t follow trends, they don’t interest me, they seem uniform. I don’t like to see everyone the same with the same bag, shoes or pants”.

“Jasmine is part of my life, it has always been with me, long before I pursued fashion and fragrances. It’s the first scent I discovered”. – Carolina Herrera. #HerreraJasmine #HerreraExpertise

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The famous designer assures that elegance does not only imply aesthetics, since personal characteristics are also involved; It is important for a woman to think intelligently and act according to those thoughts, the way she moves, the subtlety of these also says a lot about her. Let’s not forget to dress according to our age because even those outfits that we believe to be “old-fashioned” are what define us as an elegant, fine and demure woman. “For me, a true icon of elegance is Queen Elizabeth of England, who has been faithful to a certain way of dressing for more than 50 years,” reveals Carolina.

That finishing #Fall17 touch. The white shirt takes new shape – challenging proportion and scale, subtly shifting to evoke an element of surprise. #CarolinaHerrera

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What do you think about the revelations of this famous designer? Everyone is free to choose the outfit that best suits her needs and tastes, but nothing prevents us from taking advice from an expert and fashion icon, don’t you think? Source: pornosemeocurrio.com

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