Free Activities to Do On a First Date

When planning a first date, most guys settle for some variation of the dinner-and-a-movie night. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this strategy. It’s been tested. It’s easy.

A good first date allows for conversation but at the same time takes some of the focus off you so that you’re not under pressure to talk incessantly. The first date ideas on this list provide the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction.
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Easy Trick On How To Get A Girl’s Number

One of the most glaring things missing from the content available on the blog here has been an authoritative article on how to get a phone number from a girl.

Never ask a girl their number without creating a positive connection and never be in a hurry because your haste will only make them feel uncomfortable and they might think what a douche bag you are so never force a girl for their number.

When you get within speaking distance, make a casual remark. Nothing stupid, nothing funny, just something ordinary. Now, you want to get her talking about what she likes to do, so that you can offer to join her. Continue reading Easy Trick On How To Get A Girl’s Number

French Kiss in 5 Steps

Wanna perfect your French kissing technique, or just want the basics on how to kiss for the first time? Follow these kissing tips the next time you’re ready to smooch.

Always look your partner in the eye before you move in for the kiss. If she is willing and receptive, she will close her eyes before your lips lock. That is the signal for you to close your eyes too and enjoy the moment. Make seconds last an eternity. Continue reading French Kiss in 5 Steps

4 best conversation starters with girls

Ever felt like you’re stuck in a date where you have no idea what to say, and you’d rather stare at the artistic crack in the ceiling than look at your date, because you just don’t have anything to say? Well, it’s simple really to have a great date and sound like a perfect smooth talker.

All you need is a few words, and you could hold on a conversation for hours on end.

Introduce yourself.
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7 Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. Here is a list of ideas for cheap, fun dates, as well as some great free date ideas.

Spend a minute browsing our list, and be sure to share your ideas with us!

Slow dance in your own home with your own perfect love songs playing in the background.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

New relationships are exciting and invigorating. How can you keep that spunk and vitality in a long term relationship?

Prepare a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a night, weekend or week away, create some just-the-two-of-you time.

Give each other some space. Make it okay to spend time apart and encourage it — you will appreciate each other more.
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Tips&Tricks: How to find out if my boyfriend is cheating on me

Do you think your man is cheating on you? Don’t let him get away with it. Cheating men always leave signs. Here at, we have compiled a list of the most common cheating men signs. Use them to your advantage and don’t let him get away with it!

Be sure you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating, because once you find out your suspiscions are true, life as you know it will cease. The most important key to catching your husband cheating is to act like you are completely oblivious to the fact something is wrong. He will let his guard down and then you can either hire a private eye or follow him yourself.
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How to Seduce Girl in 6 Steps – Hot Tips and Tricks

How to Seduce Girl in 6 Steps

Here are some key concepts to keep in mind:

1. Think like a woman. This is difficult, of course, but the idea is starting to slow things down. Women are really smart and sensitive make sure you know what she want. Be smart.

2. Buy her a gift. All women are seduced by gifts but not let it show. You do not have to buy an expensive gift. Buy her a book, a chocolate or something. You get the point. A good idea would be to buy her a book with a sweet and romantic rendezvous. This is a great way to seduce a woman.
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How to Pick Up a Girl: 5 essential steps

The first contact should be wearing a warm look, or suggestive or disinterested. Let him know the person who notes his presence without feeling intimidated. To that end, looks can be casual, as if deep down we do not care, that is, a healthy balance between “I Care” and “I notice you’re not there”

• After the first eye contact, you miss a period and approach her. Hazle a casual question, a question I would ask someone of the same sex. Not feel shy or ashamed, neither did she, as the question suggests nothing. However, now you’re talking! Continue reading How to Pick Up a Girl: 5 essential steps

5 tips for a successful relationship

Every relationship is different, but the best realtionships all share love, respect and joy. Maintaining a healthy and vibrant relationship isn’t always easy, but there are several things you can do to keep yours on track.

These 5 tips will help your marriage thrive.

You will both need security, comfort. A good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal of give and take on both sides. Continue reading 5 tips for a successful relationship