There are many celebrities who have managed to open up to the world and relate their personal struggles against the various problems and disorders they have faced, these artists over the years have shown their transparency to share the adversities of their lives and in some cases these conditions. They have led them to suffer emotional damage in search of the perfect image that society imposes. Get to know these stories that serve as inspiration not to be carried away by social standards.

Kesha: managed to confess in an interview with the fashion magazine Vogue that “I did not eat much and I began to think that being hungry to the point of fainting was something positive, this artist made a personal struggle for self-acceptance and her recovery, today he is already healthy.

Candace Cameron: The star of Full House, indicated to People magazine that she had a very good and stable life while she was single, after marrying a professional hockey player, she developed eating disorders: “Many nights I was alone in my house, without knowing what to do with myself and there was always a friend who was there, and that was food”, she indicated that she had to fight not to eat excess food and ended up doing various activities to occupy her time and not resorting to the refrigerator for comfort.

Demi Lovato: One of the most controversial and controversial stars who has remained open and transparent in the face of her multiple struggles against alcohol, drugs and eating problems.

She told People magazine: “I’m lying if I say there weren’t days where I didn’t get out of bed because I was ashamed of my body.”

Hilary Duff: I confess that during her teenage period she was not able to eat much to maintain her figure. “It was not a very healthy time for me. I was not happy. I remember that my hands gave me cramps because I did not have enough nutrients in my system, ”she expressed it during an interview with People.

Portia De Rossi: has been open for many years to express her many personal struggles against bulimia and anorexia to which she was a victim during a period of her life.

The model expressed that “I spent 10 days without eating”, on one of the occasions in which during her modeling career they indicated that she should go on a diet, this affected her to the point of not eating food to reach her ideal weight.

Nicole Scherzinger: revealed to us before Cosmopolitan Uk that she had an arduous fight against bulimia for 8 years of her life, a horrible period that left emotional marks that she still maintains today.

“It’s a horrible and crippling disease and it was a very dark time for me,” he revealed during your emotional interview.

Hilaria Baldwin: suffered during her childhood and adolescence from eating disorders, in her adult stage she was honest with the world about her experience, to seek help and get ahead.

“I talked about my problems with eating when I grew up. Seek refuge in yoga, body and soul and my mind,” her mom of four said in her book The Living Clearly Method.

Whitney Cummings: She tells us in her book that during her adolescence she kept seeing how the people around her were on constant diets, this generated a rejection of food and various personality disorders to the point of considering fatness unhealthy.

“Fatness terrified me in an irrational way.” I express in her book the comedian and actress who even today struggles to overcome her complexes.

Zayn Malik : He revealed that during his period in One Direction he managed to go days without eating, he was under constant pressure and stress due to his busy schedule.

“It’s not that I had a problem with food, it was that sometimes two or three days went by without being able to eat. It was serious.”

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