The son of the famous singer Chayanne is called Lorenzo Figueroa and he is already 21 years old. This boy who decided not to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, is highly valued and desired on social networks, and he has more than 280 thousand followers on Instagram. Thanks to how famous his handsome father is and that he inherited his beauty skills, he has managed to position himself as one of the most requested boys on social networks. But not everything is because of his father, because his mother, Marilisa Maronesse, is also a beautiful woman.

Apart from being so handsome, Lorenzo is a very familiar boy and loves uploading photos on social networks with his parents and sister. He is very fond of sports, from basketball to golf. And as expected due to his great charisma and his physique, he draws the attention of many girls who often leave comments on his photos on the networks.

1. Lorenzo Figueroa was born on August 14, 1997.
Although many of his fans know him as Chayanne, the Puerto Rican artist’s real name is Elmer Figueroa Arce. He is a native of San Lorenzo and is already 50 years old. But despite being half a century old, he remains very fit, cheerful and full of energy. He is positioned as one of the most popular and beloved Latin artists in the world.

2. He has grown up with his little sister whom he loves very much.
The singer started his career when he was still just a child. He was accompanied by three other children forming a group called Los Chicos, and they managed to be very successful in Central America and in some South American countries. They toured several times and managed to get some records out, but like almost all groups, they split up and each went their separate ways.

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Cause I felt like it #mymomgotsomadatme

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3. Congratulations and a lot of love is what the young man squanders on the networks.
After making the decision to leave the group, Chayanne continued her career as a singer. Upon meeting businessman Gustavo Sanchez, she became her manager for the next ten years of her career or a little more. In a short time the artist released his first solo album called Chayanne is my name. But it was not until the album called Chayanne ’87 that he managed to position his fame throughout Latin America and part of the world successively.

4. He likes to take care of himself inside and out and make all his followers participate.
In 1988, Chayanne released another album on the market, Chayanne II, which luckily was a smash hit. This album had the catchy song “This rhythm is danced like this” and it was with this song that the artist won the MTV award. He was the first Latin artist to record an advertisement for the famous Pepsi. Later, since the 90s, the artist began to release new albums every two years and each one of them was a success throughout Latin America.

5. He has a heart attack body at his young age.
After a few years without giving anything to the public, Chayanne made a statement in 2014 with an album called “Where I will be”. She made collaborations with artists like Franco De Vita and Vladimir Dotel. For that album, she toured Argentina, Mexico, Spain, the United States and even Puerto Rico.

6. The family comes first and it is a message that is constantly sent to everyone.
In the year 1992 he finally married the Venezuelan and lawyer Marilisa Maronesse. From the beginning, the couple decided to keep their relationship low-key and as quiet as possible. This being the secret and balance between the artist’s work and private life. He and his wife have never been involved in any scandal and they usually have a very good communication.

7. Girls have come to ask him to marry her or be her boyfriend in comments on Instagram.
The singer and his wife have two beautiful children: Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia. It is a beautiful family and very united without forgetting the importance of what is really fundamental in life. The artist and his wife have been educating their children in such a way that they are good people, respectful and collaborators with anyone who needs their help. And thanks to social networks we have been able to see that the efforts of these wonderful parents have paid off.

8. His friends, or his Charlie’s Angels as he calls them, are the envy of many.
Chayanne is one of the very few artists who have shown that despite his fame it is not a barrier to fidelity. Behaving as an example to follow. No matter that he is always surrounded by very beautiful women, he just only has eyes for his wife. He is sure that he could risk too much if he gave in to temptation. This cute couple take care of each other and support each other in every step they take.

9. Golf has become one of his most beloved sports.
The handsome son of the singer, Lorenzo is now 21 years old, and as handsome as his famous father. Many young girls sigh for him. And luckily for many, the boy has not yet found the love of his life. But if he has many friends that he posts on his social networks but none have been lucky enough to occupy that space in his heart. He only has fun companions and they usually have a good time together.

10. Many say that he is identical to his father, Chayanne.
Although he is not a public figure, Lorenzo does not go unnoticed in the public eye and when necessary, he feels obliged to defend his loved ones from criticism and does not allow anyone to dare to express himself badly about his family. His parents have taught him to respect other people and he is one of the great values ​​that he would always like to keep and he does not hesitate to say so.

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Father and son doing a little exercise…who’s up? #workingout #sudando #familia #fatherson

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11. On the day of his Prom, he had one of the most beautiful girls by his side.
Like all the old boys, he participates in events very often. The day of his prom, Lorenzo attended accompanied by one of his pretty friends. They both looked soooo handsome that night and we’re sure they had a ton of fun. How lucky for her, many would like to be in her place.

12. In the fifteen years of his sister tried to make everything perfect.
Both sons of the artist get along very well. The difference between their ages is not much, so they have a very good relationship because they understand each other very well and when they were little they could do the same activities and the same games. Now as young adults, they support each other in any situation. At the time of her 15th birthday, Isadora was accompanied by her cousins ​​and her obviously very handsome brother. It was a great party.

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Tbt to when I went to prom with this beautiful woman

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13. The little right eye of his father.
Lorenzo is a great admirer of his father and is his example to follow. In any situation he knows that he can go to him and he will always have the best advice for Lorenzo. For him, his father is a hero and his respect for his father is gigantic. All those people who personally know the family say that both Lorenzo and his father have a great resemblance, so much so that even his father’s personality was also inherited by Lorenzo with a very good character and always trying to solve problems with great care. calm and optimistic.

14. They have been inseparable since Lorenzo was born.
From the beginning when the singer met her wife, he wanted to start a family with her. At the moment of Lorenzo’s birth, the artist felt that he fulfilled one of his greatest dreams. And not because he was famous did he put aside the role of his father, on the contrary, it was his most important role in the world. He being part of every special moment of his son and always willing to help him in whatever was necessary.

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Im almost 21 and I still can’t grow a single hair on my chest?? #familytime #August14isgonnabelit

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15. The complicity that both have is palpable from afar.
The relationship between Chayanne and her son Lorenzo is not just a simple father-son relationship. Lorenzo has made it clear that her father is also her best friend. They have a good relationship and understand each other very well. For the artist, the relationship with his son is the most important thing and he considers that it has been the best of the awards he has received for so many years of effort.

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