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Surely you have wondered why your relationship is not like that of the people you frequent. You see those couples holding hands, hugging and kissing while your relationship has no frequent display of affection in front of or out of sight of others. On the contrary, you have a leisurely, comfortable relationship and you could even say that it is cold. We will tell you if there is cold in the relationship and how to show affection to your partner.

When talking about a cold person, we refer to a person who does not show feelings or is quite uncaring, which does not mean that he does not have feelings towards you, he simply does not know how to show his love, he does not have the need to be affectionate with the people. Many people who show themselves in this way have reasons behind them, either because they have been hurt or because they have not grown up with a loving environment to act in this way. There are also people who change after a traumatic episode, whether they have lost a very close person and do not want to have that emotional attachment again, or they have ended a relationship that has hurt them so seriously that they cannot be these loving people who were before.

If your relationship is turning colder than usual, show your partner affection by doing several things:

Give him time:By providing the necessary time, you are giving your partner enough space to recover from past traumas or breakups. If he or she is cold from the beginning, it probably has nothing to do with you or him, but to things that happened before you were in his life. In addition, we advise you to give him quality time that gives him the confidence to open up with his feelings and talk to you about concerns in general, it can be a walk in the park or things done between the two of them so that they relax and they can start intimate conversations to reach to the heart of the matter. It is important that you do not pressure your partner to know why this is the case nor do you seek to accuse him of how he is with you,

Tell him you love him: No matter the time or place, you always have to make your feelings clear, to show love, not only are actions good but words in general, by repeating several times that you love him, he can understand that you love him. their feelings and their experiences matter; and so it will open more with you in all aspects. When we pronounce to our partner I love you, I wish you, I miss you or I need you, we make it clear that we are vulnerable to the love of our partner and that we care in every way. So do not be shy about telling him what you feel and always express the importance he has in your life.

Listen to your partner: Paying attention to everything your partner says is a way of loving too, since you are giving him all your attention and your time because what he thinks or what has happened to him seems important to you. For someone cold or closed, it is very important to feel heard since this makes them trust and be able to say everything that comes to mind, since as we have said before, if your partner acts in a rather dry way, it is for things that you have experienced in the past, but it is never too late to act in a loving way and if you want a little sweet with your partner. Listening also denotes a person who is committed to their relationship and who is full of love to give at all times.

Do activities that your partner likes:We do not tell you to put aside everything you like to get totally involved in what your partner does, but when you give in and start doing things to make your partner happy, even he or she knows that they are not to your total liking , you show a love for this person, since you are using an important time in which you could carry out another activity, but you put the needs of your partner first. We recommend that if you do this, do it willingly and do it with love so that your partner does not feel that you are doing it out of obligation. In all relationships you have to make minimal sacrifices to make the other happy, so stand out and do your best to accompany him to what he wants.

Include him in your plans: You can make your partner see how much you love him by including him in important plans. From an outing with your friends to a family trip. The inclusion shows a lot, since it denotes that there is an implicit commitment in which you want the other person to be a part of your whole life, so make it part of your day to day.

Body contact: If your partner is cold, teach him little by little to stop being cold. Many times it depends on us that the person has confidence and acts with signs of affection. If you’re walking down the street, hold her hand. Hug her in public without any reason, kiss her on the forehead and have body details with your partner that denote love and affection. It is up to you that this person will also act accordingly as you are doing to make the relationship more sweet.

Details: The details speak for themselves. It is not important to give something expensive but to leave a handwritten message in the bag, write a letter, give a rose or buy any significant nonsense for both of you and to remind the person how much you love them.

Difficult times : Support your partner in difficult times and let him know that you are there with him. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand jobs and you can’t physically be there 24 hours a day, but by calling, writing or being 100% attentive to this person, you show affection and love for the person you love. If your relationship is an ice cube, remember that you can always melt it. Love achieves everything and is destroying walls and melting walls. It depends on you and your way of acting that your partner is more affectionate. Little by little everything is achieved.

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